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What's New on TheGrommet.com

We’ve rolled out a new look and several new features on our site that we’re excited to tell you about. Have you looked around yet?  There are a lot of changes (we even have a new name we’re The Grommet).



Easier shopping - This means we're rolling out bigger pictures, displaying prices right on the picture and the product details can now be easily found. All you you want to see and learn about each Grommet launch is now at your fingertips. Plus with easier navagation, you'll be able to explore the site for your favorite Grommet with more ease.

Recent Launches - Did you miss a Grommet launch? No worries with our improved recent launches feature. Now, you'll always be able to find that Grommet from last week with a chronological listing of all Grommets.

Reviews - With our new review feature you can learn from the experience of others and leave your opinion, too. Have you made a Grommet purchase in the past? Please be sure to stop by and share your experience.

Personal Value Icons - We've made it easier for you to shop for Grommets that align with your personal values. You'll notice that we've added personal value icons to the Grommets throughout our site. Look for Grommets marked with icons that represent: made in the USA, handcrafted, charities, natural & eco, social enterprise and created by under-represented entrepreneurs.

Responsive Design -  Now it will be even easier to get your Grommet on-the-go. The cool technology of our new responsive design will allow our whole site to reformat itself depending on the width of the browser you are using. Desktop, iPad, smart phone? You're Grommet experience will be great regardless.

Citizen Gallery - We've made it easier for you to share with us the finds you want to see featured on Daily Grommet. With the new larger images and gallery feature it's also easier to explore what others are sharing.


We hope you find our new features helpful and that you enjoy exploring our new site!


  • Mrs. D.L. Trumpis Says:

    I don't mean to offend anyone since I'm sure some thought and money went into your changes, but I didn't think there was anything wrong with your site before.That is to say it was super easy to navigate and shop. I can't see how these new changes will enhance my Grommet experience at all!

  • Robbie Johansson Says:

    Liked the site before you made changes. The old site to me was easier to find products. Sorry!

  • Jim Says:

    Don't see a great improvement and most of the stuff on offer is still way over-priced.

  • gwendolyn Says:

    Great job.....

  • Kim Lanier Says:

    The new site is great, but the writing is annoyingly small. I love the whole The Grommet concept!

  • Lauri Says:

    I liked the Grommet site before and didn't see any deficiencies, so I will have to check back in on the new site design.

  • D. Miller Says:

    I navigated through the new site with such ease I ended up ordering products I didn't even know I needed!! I'd say it's well done!

  • B.Fleming Says:

    Liked it better before. Difficult for me to read, and not as user friendly. Just my opinion.

  • Eileen Says:

    Remember " if it ain't broke don't fix it"? Change is hard for all of us, BUT... The writing is too small the front page is way too busy.... I don't know where to look or what I'm looking for. Even the pictures are unclear. We will all adjust in time so please no more changes.

  • Lia Says:

    Liked the old site MUCH better .

  • Karen Says:

    I am sorry to say the new site is way too difficult to read. Why did you change the size of the font? It is too small and a puts a strain on my eyes. It doesn't enhance my shopping experience at all. My eyes just get too tired. The front page I find is tooo busy.
    Go back to the old style please.

  • Diana Says:

    I doubt you need a contest to get subscribers to let you know how they like the new format. Just check out your bottom line at the the end of the month.

  • june Says:

    don't like it the other one was easier to use do i lose all of my saved all of my wish list dont know that i will even look at this

  • mary Says:

    Don't like it. Better before!

  • Lisa Says:

    Really dislike the new look. If it ain't broke....

  • Maggie Says:

    I really liked it the old way. I can't figure anything out with this, and the font is too small. The colors are too bland, I hope it's not too late to go back, because I see alot of other people don't like it either! yikes....I really LIKE this Grommet letter, and I have a list...of things I'm going to buy. But, I may not be getting the letters much longet...if it stays like this. I don't know.

  • Alice Bostrom Says:

    Busy, busy, busy.
    I enjoyed the old, more convenient, easy-to-read former site. Newer is not necessarily better. In this case, it certainly isn't!

  • Torchy Hunter Says:

    Please pay attention to the complaints about font size. And how pale grey it is. Are you trying to screen out people with glasses?

  • Linda Scott Says:

    The old site was quicker to peruse, and even in a hurry I would check it out. New site has lots of options I don't much care about, and seems less streamlined. But more fun on a rainy day, maybe. Do please change the font or us old folks!

  • Shelia Says:

    NOPE! IT"S A DUD!!! Do'nt like this NEW look. Everything is too small even on my big screen tv,on which I normely LOVE The Daily Gromet. So if this is the new site ! NO THANK YOU!!! It is not user friendly.

  • Diana Says:

    The changes have under wow'd me, sorry. I seems more difficult to find things and breaking the screen up into three areas seems like such a waste of space. The old layout at least utilized the whole screen. The bottom banner of sign up for daily launches takes up way to much space - until I saw the very little X to delete it. I also have to wonder why some products do not allow comments and it says the comment section is closed. What good does that do the shopper? Anyway, I am glad you are trying to improve yourselves - GL

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Diana,
    Thank you for your feedback. Change always kicks up dust and we appreciate your patience with us. The comment section for each Grommet launch closes after 24 hours when the creator is no longer with us to take questions. Once the next day's Grommet has launched, the new comment board opens up.

  • Beth Says:

    Darn! Why did you feel it necessary to change what was perfect?
    Font hard to read. It's way too small. Prices are getting higher and higher and soon I won't be able to shop with you. I'm not happy at all. Go back! It's too busy and confusing. I'm so disappointed. Come on guys, GO BACK!

  • Lucia Says:

    I liked the old way better..this is not user friendly, font way too small, am very disappointed that you did this...GO BACK!

  • Mel Says:

    Sorry, I liked it before much better. It felt like really cool stuff you'd been sleuthing around and shared with us. Now, even though it's a pretty site, and very well done, you don't stand out.
    The new site seems to have the bigger is better flavor. Not me so much, I like feeling as though I'm supporting small, independent, creative types. Sorry.

  • Susan Brady Says:

    I haven't tried to use the site yet. But I liked the look of the other one better. Put it up first and then when we click it take us to this one. I only had one problem with the other site I never could find the place where you could actually buy something or know how much it was.

  • Elena Schoenlaub Says:

    Like the old one much better.

  • Annette Says:

    I liked it better before. Site is too busy. Old layout was much easier to navigate.

  • Kathleen Richards Says:

    At first, I was on the side of the nay-sayers -- "I liked it better before." -- but then I really spent some time investigating and found GREAT tools! I don't mean garden tools, I mean the tools you put onto the site, for instance that terrific organizing list of categories, 'gifts for', and personal values. This helps a lot because you have so many neat and diverse items. I'm sure your upgrade will turn out to be better than a lot of the ones I've had from Microsoft, and won't be as painful to learn. Thanks!

  • Dorothy Says:

    I don't know. Too much too soon? Yes, I enjoyed the old site whereas this new one is congested. Of course, I'll search but not for too long.

  • Marge Says:

    Very confusing - liked the older way better.

  • Peggy Says:

    Change is almost always met with negativity....just watch what happens when Facebook makes a change, once I went to Grommets home page, I think it looks great. I use an IPad, so I just pinch out to make font larger if I want. I think I'll like it once I do some more investigating. I'm one that like life with a little variety. Keeping everything the same gets boring!

  • Heidi Says:

    The old site was nice except for the annoying music and clapping that went on before each video about the product, I always HATED it!! This new site it very washed out and busy for me. Also very hard to read!!! Not sure where to look for things. I guess we'll all figure it out eventually.....if we're still subscribing...

  • Muriel Says:

    I think it is terrible, can't see it, print is way too small for older people like me to read. The pictures are so small a person doesn't have any idea what they are clicking on. I liked the old site a lot better. You are going to lose sales with this site. Too busy, Most people are too busy to try and figure out what you are trying to display. Your other site was way better.

  • SRWilson Says:

    Really do not like this. Everything is too small. Confusing. Example:wanted to leave this review so I touched the Review feature above and thought it didn't work. Had to scroll to bottom of the reviews to find it.

  • Kait Says:

    The web is capable of a lot. It looked like you brought someone on board who knew a lot of interesting things but had no grasp of when sometimes a little is better than the entire realm of possibility. The name change lost your unique concept in bringing items to the market - DAILY. The annoying lists of too many options to choose from made locating a product impossible. Launch dates are irrelevant - functions or your original gifting cgroups was clear. It's nice to know what demographic a product supports but the graphics for them needed a legend. In a few words, go back to the original everything and make one change at a time and see how each goes. Makes going back to the original code easy and doesn't bombard your LOYAL customers with a shopping experience just like every other site . Keep the Daily Grommet unique - that's your niche and how you'll succeed! Be daring and stay unique. It will pay off in boatloads in the end. Good luck to my favorite site!

  • Kathleen Says:

    W-A-Y T-O-O S-M-A-L-L & B-U-S-Y!!!!!!! OMG! So sad you changed a good,clean,beautiful and USER FRIENDLY site. I may have to give up in it. The italics and fonts make the nightmare even worse. So sorry I must give a negative review to a formerly delightful site.

  • Lindy Says:

    I really like the new clean and uncluttered look! Writing is grouped according to reader's potential choices, pictures are clear and all are visible at once, and the two colors do not assault the eyes. You've done a fine job!
    There could be a small improvement on the font size: the new one is just a tad too small for easy reading and that could affect readers decision to pass over your terrific site rather than to see your clever offerings without magnification and then to order, order, order.

  • Charles Says:

    Liked it better before. Very confusing. Will discontinue reading it as it takes too much effort to see the type and navigate.

  • Lyn Says:

    Eager to test drive the new system, but the print seems to be a lot smaller. Not as good for seniors.

  • Lyn Says:

    I love the new system, much easier to see what I want. Congratulations! I do have one small problem, though. The print seems to be even smaller. Hate use a computer magnifier just for this site. Any suggestions?

  • pat shogren Says:

    i loved the old site, but now, the info about the items is so tiny i have no idea what it is saying...stuff like the blogging is fine, but not the items when you click onto your site...just click on to your site from your email and look at the things like citizens gallery...that one made me chuckle because it says how you made stuff larger...i can't begin to decipher what it says with the bunch of pictures there...i do love your site, just for the idea of it, but so far i am not impressed with the new stuff, but again, i am sure you will figure it out...you guys are very creative...i also saw that the videos were disappearing...too bad...that was a real good selling point as far as i am concerned...it made the product come alive...we are still wanting to submit our apron for crafters, but we were not able to participate in the contest you had recently, but we hope to figure out how to do it...you can see it on our website, which is almost non-functional because i have a new computer that says it is uploading my pictures and does it just like it used to, only i have no idea where it is uploading them to...they are evidently sitting around in some cloud up there, laughing their heads off at how stupid i am...but meanwhile, so much of the stuff on there is sold and has to be removed and we have so many new things that we have done and can't put out there...hopefully one of my kids will have time to help this old fossil out...in fact, my 8 year old grandson could probably fix it in a minute, but he lives in texas...oh well...keep up the good work...by the way, if you would like to see t hat apron, it is at:
    aintnobigdeal.com and if madonna comes up, that is not us...but the apron is called AGOTCHA and if you are a crafter, you gotta get AGOTCHA! Anyway, i know you are probably too busy to check it out, but i want you to know i love your site...i have sent several people there...my daughter-in-law is still eyeing that huge beanbag chair that can be a chair, a couch or a bed...my grandkids would flip over that item.....

  • Patricia Says:

    It appears the 'nays' have it. I agree.

  • Jan Says:

    Sorry..print is too small and also too light! Sometimes too soon a change...is just TOO SOON !

  • Pat Says:

    I haven't had time to look over the entire site, but I did discover i could improve my reading of it by going to VIEW>>>ZOOM>>>>ZOOM IN on my browser (Firefox). You should be able to do this on any browser you use.

  • Shera Says:

    Too busy, fonts too small to read... Or care to try reading. Don't forget KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).

    Simplicity is EXACTLY why I liked the old version. Easy on my eyes and brain amongst all the inbox noise and clutter. (that I am systematically purging by the way). Love the old grommet!

  • Emily Says:

    I like what you have done. Keep up the good work.
    Small print does bother me a bit.

  • Erika Says:

    Like the old much better. I don't know who sold you on this change, but as you can see from the reaction - you got taken. Go back to the old. Thanks.

  • geralyn Says:

    The print is too small (and I wear glasses), the whole page is too busy and the prices are too expensive for me. I do like the concept of your site, just not the stuff mentioned above.

  • Louise Says:

    Definitely prefer the old site. The new one is not attractive; doesn't make me want to linger and browse. It's so busy that my immediate response is to delete it. The old one was exciting and easy to read. This one is dreary and the lack of contrast between font and background is very hard on the eyes.

  • nancy Says:

    I can't SEE anything on the new site! I liked the way the new stuff jumped out at me before, it was fast, easy and intuitive. This is tiny, confusing, not as enticing (by a loooooong shot) and very blah! Yes, everything is spendy===but the old site was often irresistable.

    Nancy Hartman

  • James Says:

    I REALLY like the new look! I don't understand all the negativity but I find the new site much more interesting and navigable. I applaud you for your new design! And not only me, but everyone in my immediate family as well as my siblings and their families.

  • Beth Says:

    The only thing I like about new site is prices are easier to find! I thought your other name said it all DAILY lets me know to expect a new grommet every day . Was it getting difficult to find something for every day? The font is a deal breaker with me and the short videos were the very best thing ever , I found myself moving my foot to the intro music and getting focused to hear something usefull to my life. I have been referring people to your site telling them its an amazing site and now it's not so amazing anymore.

  • Jody Says:

    I love the new site! Like everything new, you just need to spend a little time looking around. Take the time to look around a discover the advantages. Well done!

  • Mary Says:

    This seems like change just for the sake of change. The old site was great, I could just zip through it and find things easily. I have neither the time nor inclination to waste my time navigating this mess, trying to find items, read tiny print, and look at bad images. In my book, on a scale of 0 to 10, you scored a big fat 0.

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