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When your office used to be a parlor....there's no telling who might show up.

Daily Grommet's team is spread out across three buildings in the center of a prototypical New England town, Lexington, MA.  Our original building, which we still occupy, is a converted Victorian house.  This is me, in front.  My office is on the ground floor and my desk faces the window.

Me, in front of one of the original Grommet office building

I was sitting in my office and saw these people outside.  They piqued my curiosity and I inquired why they were so interested in our building.

Turns out the woman on the right, Ruth Fullerton, lived here for several years as a young bride, after World War II.  She had three babies while she lived here.  My office is her former living room.  Our conference room, where we shoot Grommet videos, is her former kitchen.

This is our landlord Dan with Ruth in our office entry area, her former dining room.

Our company happened to be making big news on the day Ruth took a tour.  She got a big kick out of that, to think she changed diapers and stirred soup in the same location that places like the New York Times (article in the photo behind Dan) and the Wall Street Journal are featuring.


  • Claudia Says:

    Love it!

  • ann Says:

    what a fun blog! i used to drive thru Lexington daily and am fascinated by your use of homes as offices. seems like a great place to spend your days!

  • Jules Pieri, CEO Daily Grommet Says:

    It is so odd that we now have several people working out of the rooms where so many dramas unfolded. We are creating our own new ones every day. Stop by if you are driving by again.

  • Jules Pieri, CEO Daily Grommet Says:

    Me too Claudia.

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