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Where do good Grommets come from?

Grommet Sculpture Close UpSome Daily Grommet fans may still wonder where our hard-working Discovery team gets all of it's great Grommet ideas.  The reality is that Grommets come from all over and truly do come in all shapes, sizes, weights, colors and life forms (just wait til Friday June 19th!).

Joanne, Jen and Jeanne spend a lot of time searching and researching in all the typical places you might expect.  Some of the unexpected Grommet finds have been beautiful or useful things we actually all have hanging around the house:  ColorMark from Joanne, Elizabeth Colburn from Jules, Baldwin Furniture from Jen, and Roggio Silversmith's Little Angel necklace from me.

But most of our Grommets come to us as personal recommendations from folks just like you!  We love taking good old-fashioned word of mouth and pumping it up with the kind of storytelling tools and reach only available on the 'net.

We're actually having a contest for great summer Grommet ideas right here on the blog.    So, send us a Grommet idea, and you could win some cool Grommets for yourself!  Technically, the contest ends tonight at midnight, but we're going to extend it a couple of days because it's just so much fun!

Got a great Grommet idea?  We can't wait to hear from you.


  • Amy O'Sullivan Says:

    Have you ladies checked out the store LUSH! Incredible!!!!!! Really fun to go to an actual store but on-line works too. At the physical location you get to try out products right there. Great grommet for you! (I think).

  • Jeanne Says:

    Thanks Amy - we're always on the prowl for new and inventive products so we'll watch that site. And if you every have something specific you'd like to recommend, just drop by our site to <a href="//www.thegrommet.com/pages/idea" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Submit a Grommet</a>.

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