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Will you help us Rock the Vote?

Our relationships with our Grommet partners lasts well beyond launch day. We want to see their businesses expand, grow and thrive and are eager to help them succeed. We've recently learned that several of our Grommet partners have entered in Mission: Small Business -- a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial to help small businesses across the US by awarding up to 12 individual $250,000 Grants. Now THAT sounds like an opportunity for growth!

To become a finalist, each business will need to gain 250 votes  before June 30th -- no simple feat. We'd love to help them boost up their numbers, so what do you say Grommet community? Can we take a couple minutes and vote for these guys?

To help support our Grommet partners:

1. Visit Mission Small Business

2. Log in with Facebook

3. Search for business names: Malpaca, Allurements, Jon Wye, Back to the Roots, YAK Apparel and Bottlehood (then just click support)

Are you a small business who has also entered this contest? Feel free to leave your business name below and let others know you'd love a vote.

Good luck to all of the participants!

You can learn more about the  Grommets mentioned above by visiting our original feature of Malpaca, Allurements, Jon Wye, Back to the Roots, YAK Apparel and BottleHood on Daily Grommet.


  • marion Says:

    Thanks Daily Grommet,

    YAK Apparel is also part of the contest. Check us out and if you like what you see give us a vote!

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