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“Wish You Were Here” – Custom Greetings From HazelMail

Once again, trusty Grommet hunter, Julia Elmer, has brought us a great find:  HazelMail lets you create and mail real postcards online using your own photos in a matter of minutes. This is such a fantastic way to share messages wherever you are in the world -- so creative, simple to use, and fun. We were instantly hooked.

And to get you started, the friendly folks over at HazelMail are even all of us here at Daily Grommet a 2-for-1 deal for customized Postcards - when you check out be sure to enter code "grommet" for your discount.

HazelMail Customized Cards

Michael Lato is the genius behind HazelMail. In his own words, he “wanted to create a way for people to take a digital photo and turn it a lasting keepsake the receiver will cherish and a sentiment they will feel for a long time.”

He says HazelMail saves you time and money -- and reduces your carbon footprint! - by printing and mailing your postcard close to its destination. Each card is $1.50 (or $1.00 if you pre-pay) , including postage.

Michael was inspired by his mother, Hazel, whose Southern words of wisdom pepper the their website. She always encouraged him to travel and share his memories, and he recently discovered that she saved every postcard he had ever sent to her.

Julia Elmer - HazelMail fanJulia tells us: "I got really excited when I first heard about HazelMail a few months ago because I love to travel (this is her in Istanbul last November), and always find myself sending a ton of postcards wherever I go. But Michael has opened my eyes to so many additional possibilities for HazelMail, and I have found myself daydreaming about all kinds of ways I can use it."

Here are some of her suggestions:

  • Thank you cards with photos of your gift in use
  • Birthday gift thank you notes with a party photo on the front
  • Party invites - customized with a fun photo
  • A birth announcements with a photo of your new addition
  • "Save the Date" - include a photo of you and your fiancé to announce your wedding date
  • Scan in your own artwork and place it on a postcard
  • Send secret admirer notes to someone special
  • Change of address cards with a photo of your new home.
  • Share recipes - great idea around the holidays!

Here's a card one customer created with her own photo -- looks fun, right?


HazelMail Customized Cards


Julia recently had the opportunity to talk to Michael and today, she's sharing their conversation with us:

Julia:  What's the most remote origin so far for HazelMail?  

Michael:  They come from all over, but some memorable ones came from Ethiopia and the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.  We've had them from Patagonia and all parts of Australia.  It's a big beautiful world, and the postcards have been sent from all parts of it. 

Julia:  One of the downsides of using a service like HazelMail is that your postcard won't have your handwriting or a stamp from the place you visited. How does HazelMail make up for this?

Michael:  Artwork native to the country of origin is being collected to be used on each postcard. This is a fun, useful service which is a long-term project for us.

Julia: Who are the faces behind Hazel Mail? How many people does it take to pull this off? And how do you find the right people?

Michael:  It takes a village...a global one! There are printers in all parts of the globe, software developers, graphic artists, business associates. Like any business, there are a lot of moving parts. Oddly, I feel that the right people find you. We have some great people working with us. 

Julia: How often do you manage to travel for pleasure these days?

Michael:  I get to mix pleasure travel with business. In the past year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Spain, Dubai, Ethiopia, Brazil and Argentina. I also went to some fantastic places in the U.S. like Louisiana, Portland, NYC, and Washington, D.C.  It's been a good year for travel.

Julia:  You recently added the Blackberry app in addition to the iPhone app. What's next?

Michael:  Improvements to both apps and an Android app are in the works. Also, you'll see some improvements to the site and user interface soon. 

Thanks, Michael and Julia, for joining us on the Daily Grommet blog today - and thanks for the discount, Michael (don't forget to enter "grommet" when you check out)!

If you give HazelMail a try, or if you're already a fan, hope you'll stop back and let us know what you think -- and keep telling us about more new products and services you've discovered!


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