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Your direct channel to the chief visionaries

We all have many jobs at Daily Grommet, and one of mine is to make sure that each day’s Grommet partner is set up and available to interact on the message board that day.

In our quest to put an end to nameless, faceless business we host a ‘Talk About This Grommet’ message board where you can interact directly with those who have created that day’s Grommet. Although it isn’t always possible, our goal is to have the person who is most responsible for the existence of a product be the person who interacts with our visitors. We don’t allow ‘ghost writers’; you are interacting with the person pictured.

The person interacting is often the head of the company, and heads of companies big or small are very busy people.  To make this aspect of the feature as easy for them as possible, I will do whatever it takes for them to be in communication with our visitors. I have texted questions back and forth to a partner who was in China. I have called a remote island where our partner was unable to access her computer  reliably. Most recently I had a wonderful,  ongoing Skype conversation with a partner who was vacationing at his summer cottage in England. He sent me a picture that I didn’t think to save but it was as charming as this one below:



I encourage you to take advantage of the fact that you have a direct channel to the chief visionaries of a  company to ask them the questions you have on your mind. As Jules mentions often, each purchase we make is an act of citizenship that amplifies something, good or bad, in our world. We want to make sure that you have the means to make an informed decision about what it is you are amplifying. 

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