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Versatile, high-quality tights to wear with boots. The tights offer sleek & supportive, yet breathable control. The sock is ankle, moisture-wicking with arch support and sculpted cushioning. Non-binding waistband with extra cushioning in toe, heel, arch support. Features compression for a contoured fit and moisture control to reduce odor.

  • Materials: Tight upper: 85% nylon, 15% lycra; Sock: 96% nylon, 2% spandex, 2% polyester
  • Care: Machine wash separately in cold water. Do not use chlorine bleach. Drip dry
  • Fits shoe sizes 5 to 10.5 US and 2.5 to 8 UK
  • Features moisture-wicking fabric that reduces odor
  • Provides extra support in toe, heel, and arch
Size Chart
A 4'10" - 5'5" 95 - 125 lbs.
B 5'1" - 5'7" 105 - 150 lbs.
C 5'3" - 5'9" 135 - 175 lbs.
D 5'6" - 6'0" 165 - 190 lbs.

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Great quality


I bought two pairs of these in 2013' and one of them is getting holes since 2015 while the other one is still in great condition. Considering the amount of wear these get during the fall and winter, I have been very pleased with the quality. As far as fit, I am close to six feet tall with a size elevn shoe, so these are a bit tight in the feet but still fit. I will be purchasing these again next yearMore > < Less


These Run SMALL


I'm 5'2" and 130 lbs. I bought the size C and they were SO tight at the waist that I could barely stand it. I kept pulling at the waistline all day so I could breathe. LOVE the quality of the tights and the foot part is super comfortable. They just cut me in half and I'm not a big person. Had to return the pair I didn't wear.More > < Less

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Leg Up - Socks + Tights = Bootights

About Bootights

Legwear Reinvented

What happens when a well-dressed Disney executive is traveling for business and removes her boots in the airport security line, only to reveal that she's wearing her dad's athletic socks beneath? If it's Shelby Mason, she turns her fashion disgrace into a booming business. Her invention, called Bootights, combines socks and tights in a single garment.

Many of us wear socks over our tights, under our boots, in the winter. We wear the socks for warmth, and also to protect the tights from getting snagged on the boot zipper. But the tights/sock combo is a tricky one, because the wrong socks will slide down, leaving your tights unprotected and your feet uncomfortable. And let's not even mention the sweat factor with two kinds of foot coverings inside a boot.

Bootights are the why-didn't-I-think-of-that solution: High-quality, supportive, fashionable tights that lead down to moisture-wicking, contoured, ultra-cushioned socks. It's the look you want up top and the comfort you want inside your boots. Choose from different tights and sock heights to work with your look. No sweating, no sagging socks, no snags!

Winter will be here before you know it, and thanks to one woman's long-ago airport embarrassment, you'll be ready in style.