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Living in New York, Stephen Valand and Erica Shea know how precious space can be. So when the couple started making kits for brewing beer at home, they thought a lot about size and convenience. Their Brooklyn Brew Shop kits come with all the necessary equipment, plus fresh grains, hops and yeast – and the gear takes up just one square-foot of space. If you’ve always wanted to try home brewing (or know someone who’s up for the hoppy adventure), Stephen and Erica make it fun, affordable and unobtrusive.

Each kit includes
a one-gallon glass fermenting jug, an airlock, thermometer and a plastic tube setup for siphoning the beer into bottles. You also get your choice of mixes, which range from classics to seasonal. Classics include a citrus-infused Everyday IPA and a nice strong Well Made Tripel. In the summer your Brooklyn Brew will refresh you and in the winter will get you in the holiday spirit.

A batch takes about five hours to brew, and it's ready for enjoying in about five weeks. If you get started now, your first batch will be ready for your next gathering. Make it a brew off!
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Erica & Stephen
    Erica & Stephen

    Hello Daily Grommeters. We make beer. We'd like to teach you how. Making beer is not difficult. If you can make oatmeal you can make beer (and we've made a lot more friends with a cold glass of beer than warm oatmeal. We're sure you will too. )

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/25/2010 5:07 PM

    I hope everyone's having a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends!!

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    11/25/2010 9:33 PM

    There was a lot of interest in the Brooklyn Brew Shop around my Thanksgiving table. I think a couple gifts may result. And I swear I did not bring it up!

  • Dianne
    11/29/2010 12:50 PM

    Hi, This looks like the perfect gift for my son. I am just wondering about the different flavours. What would be comparable to a light golden...a pilsner maybe?

  • Erica & Stephen
    Erica & Stephen – Special Guest
    11/29/2010 1:19 PM

    @Dianne: It sounds like your son would like our Belgian "A Well Made Tripel" - it uses a large pilsner base but more of it so it is a bit higher in alcohol but still light in body.

  • Eileen Lappin
    Eileen Lappin
    11/29/2010 5:19 PM

    I very interested in this, sounds so much better than many of the other brew kits out there. Are there bottles to purchase as well, or can any beer bottle work with the capper?

  • Erica & Stephen
    Erica & Stephen – Special Guest
    11/29/2010 7:05 PM

    @Eileen Lappin: Getting the bottles is the fun part of recycling. If you get the kit that includes the capping kit, you can use any non-screw-top beer bottle. Otherwise you can use any self-closing swing-top bottle like you might see with some European beers or fancy lemonades. Growlers can work too. You'll just need two of those.

  • Laurie
    11/30/2010 3:06 AM

    My son wants a beer brewery kit for Christmas. How long does this take for it to be shipped? Also how to I find the list of available types of hops or flavors (? those may not be the correct term).

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/30/2010 3:35 PM

    @Laurie: No problem getting this delivered in time for the Christmas holiday. Here is a description for each of the flavors available. I have also included a link to a pdf of the brewing instructions which will give you even more information. Some of these flavors will change seasonally:

    Gingerbread Ale - Full-bodied and slightly malty, this spiced winter ale features candied ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and a cinnamon stick to ensure your fridge will be merry and drunk.

    Gingerbread Ale Instructions

    Chestnut Brown Ale - Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Try drinking your own Chestnut Brown Ale by an open fire. This Northern style Brown is rich, nutty, and just a tad malty, and if you're nuts for nuts, roast some chestnuts, and toss 'em in. You won't be sorry.

    Chestnut Brown Ale Instructions

    Honey Sage Seasonal - For a beer that is light in body but still strong enough to stand up to the cold is the new 7% Honey Sage Seasonal – a light Belgian ale with a smooth honey body and herbal aroma.

    Honey Sage Seasonal Instructions

    Everyday IPA - As tempting for hop-heads as for the ones who love them. Instead of a bitter kick in the throat debilitating your taste-buds, this citrusy IPA is incredibly well-balanced with fragrant Cascade hops and a strong malt-backbone, and at 6.8%, it will make every day a good one.

    Everyday IPA Instructions

    A Well Made Tripel - Strong and light, this Belgian Tripel is perfect for any season. Includes powerful Belgian yeast and a quarter pound of Candi Sugar to make sure your beer's worth every drop.

    A Well Made Tripel Instructions

    Chocolate Maple Porter - Thick, rich, creamy, and just a little sweet, our Chocolate Maple Porter will sit you down and teach you about life. All you need is a little maple syrup.

    Chocolate Maple Porter Instructions

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    12/10/2010 2:41 PM

    Here are some more helpful videos for understanding how the brewing process works.

    How to Brew Beer from Brooklyn Brew Shop on Vimeo.

    How to Bottle Beer from Brooklyn Brew Shop on Vimeo.

  • Angela
    12/17/2010 10:37 AM

    Hi. I'm looking forward to giving your brew kit as a Christmas gift. When I ordered, expedited shipping didn't show up as an option. I just ordered today, so if I need to upgrade the shipping, please contact me!

    Thank you, Angela

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    12/17/2010 11:31 AM

    @Angela Coleman: I will look into this and let you know. We are in the very craziest days of the year for orders and shipping and requests that at any other time of the year would be easy to intercept and apply become more complicated on a day like today, but know that we and our partners are all doing what we can to make sure that gifts arrive on-time.

  • Julie Harahush
    Julie Harahush
    12/29/2010 12:02 PM

    Hi, I also ordered the brew kit as a gift on December 17th. I assumed I would get it by Christmas. I didn't receive it yet, or get a shipping confirmation. I emailed daily grommet about it on December 23rd, and called today, December 29th. The voicemail said that the offices would be closed the 24th and reopened on the 27th. Both my email and my phone call should have been answered, but I have yet to hear back from anyone...and I'm getting worried about getting ripped off. I'd just like to know what's going on and if I should ever expect to receive it.

  • Tori
    Tori – Grommet Team
    12/29/2010 2:42 PM

    @Julie Harahush: Our apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We were working hard with our partners to identify the hold up. Turns out these brew kits are far more popular than anyone imagined (which is good news!). We have confirmed that all orders placed before Christmas will ship this week. We will have an update on exact shipment date very soon. Again, our apologies for the delay. We appreciate you hanging in there with us through the holidays!

  • Travis
    8/31/2011 4:27 PM

    What should the turn around time be between ordering and receiving this product? I placed an order almost two weeks ago and have a UPS tracking number created 5 days ago, but UPS says they have not yet received the package from the shipper.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    8/31/2011 4:47 PM

    @Travis Showman: It sounds like something may have gone amiss with your shipment, thank you for letting us know. We will look into this and get back to you directly.

  • Travis
    9/7/2011 11:33 AM

    @Katherine Klinger: Showed up last night by UPS. Thanks.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    9/7/2011 1:31 PM

    @Travis Showman: I hope you enjoy the brew!

  • Carrie
    12/4/2011 12:40 PM

    I just ordered a kit for my boyfriend for Christmas and it is being delivered to my apartment. Does it come in an unmarked box? I'd sure hate for him to spoil his Christmas by seeing the box on the doorstep!

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    12/4/2011 8:24 PM

    @Carrie: I have touched base with Erica and Stephen and there will be a return address on the box, but other than that there is no branding or other indicator as to what is inside.

  • Julie
    12/27/2011 1:59 PM

    Will they be taking orders as early as next week? (Jan. 3)? I need to order a gift soon!

  • Tori
    Tori – Grommet Team
    12/27/2011 2:12 PM

    @Julie : I'm double checking for on that for you right now.

  • Tori
    Tori – Grommet Team
    12/27/2011 2:59 PM

    @Julie : Looks like these will still be unavailable in early January, Julie. Probably best not to count on as a gift if you need it this soon. Our apologies -- hopefully there is another Grommet find that will be a good fit for your recipient.

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