Stack Em Hair Ties - Set of 2

By By Lilla


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By Lilla elevates the practical hair tie into a fashion accessory—which is a good way to keep it from getting lost. Worn in multiples, these embellished hair ties let you show off your fashion sense, while always having an elastic on hand.

  • Made in the USA: Miami, FL
  • Materials: 75% nylon and 25% rubber or brass
  • Hair ties that can be worn as bracelets
  • Includes two hair ties with plated decorative pieces
  • Dimensions: 2” D x 0.1”
  • Weight: 0.04 lb.

25 Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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11/24/2015 by Anny

I am probably the person who keeps the black hair elastics people in business. I buy large quantities of hair elastics because I have really thick, wavy/curly hair and I break them all of the time. There are not too many hair elastics that even fit in my hair and if they do, they usually end up breaking completely apart when I twist and try to pull my hair through or they pull apart on the inside where the the outer layer will remain in one stretched out piece but the inner elastic will have broken... I was really hesitant about buying these because I figured either they would break or they would stretch out. I purchased the navy with gold set. Both colors are pretty. I actually got this around my hair!!!! I have worn the navy one for two days now (not to sleep) and it has held the shape so far with minimal stretching, the beads are tight around the elastic (but moveable) and they can be arranged however you like. I keep the beads all together and they have not moved at all, nor has the elastic loosened or slipped. Another concern was that my hair would catch or pull between the gold rings, but that has not happened at all. I just took the one in my hair off and measured the size against the one I have not worn yet and they look almost the same size. I have RA and the black hair elastics are difficult for me when they are brand new, this hair tie was easy to put on--which then made me worry that it would become loose or lose shape--and that isn't the case at all. Somehow they are easy for my hands, but grip my hair without pulling. The best part is that they are not breaking as I try to put them on. Sorry for such a long review but I really feel that this is a great product. They are beautiful on but not too big or too blingy. The best part for me is that they don't break or lose shape. I will update this review if for some reason they randomly do that, but for now, I am really impressed! I love these and I highly recommend them! Thank you for making these!More > < Less


Well-made quality product

11/19/2015 by Jennifer

Love these! I get so many comments on how pretty my bracelets are, and I love blowing people's minds when I tell them they are hair ties! My 13 year-old neice loved them too. I ordered more!More > < Less



5/20/2019 by Jennifer

Got this and it does dress up a ponytail. I wish there were more colors to choose from. I'm 190 lbs so wearing on wrist is a little tight for me, keep it in my purse for that just in case.More > < Less


Love These Hair Band Bracelets!

9/1/2017 by Annette

I have purchased these three times. I love them and they hold my long hair back easily and the bands do not tangle in my hair. They look pretty on my wrist.

They do stretch out over time however; that is my only complaint which is why I have reordered since they become unusable on my wrist (still work in my hair). If they could figure that out they would be perfect!
More > < Less


nice product

1/13/2017 by Susan

My young adult daughter loved these. Good for any age!

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A bracelet for your hair? How charming.

About By Lilla

Elastic Bracelet

Women—and definitely kids—go through hair ties at an amazing rate. By Lilla hair ties turn plain elastic ties into fashion accessories you’ll be far less likely to lose.

Match them up with different outfits, wear them in multiples, and combine them in ways that make a fashion statement. That was the goal of the Founders, Michelle Finvarb Possin and Colette Bakalarz Feldman. These active Miami women were tired of boring black hair ties.

Their By Lilla elastics are affordable fashion accessories, designed to look like jewelry both in your hair and on your wrist. A beautiful way to keep your hair out of your face will always be on hand.