All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner

Clean Clubs

Many golfers will admit to neglecting their club cleaning duties. But with a compact and portable golf club cleaner, it’s easy to keep clubs clean.

Whether you spruce your clubs up between rounds or after each shot (like the pros do), Caddy-Clean does the job with several tools combined in one lightweight design. A spray bottle,
towel, scrub pad, brass groove cleaners and more are built into each one, and it is still lightweight enough to live in your golf bag.

Clean clubs don’t just look better. Build-up on clubs can affect your shots, as well as ball spin. High school classmates (and golf team members) Kyle, Joshua, and Alex were cleaning their clubs with t-shirts when they came up with this easier, better, and potentially game-improving way to keep clubs clean.
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Clean up your golf game.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Jason

    Hello everyone, I’m Jason Macari—co-founder of the Caddy-Clean. My son, a few of his friends and I saw a need in the golf world for a product that did not yet exist. We felt there was a better way to clean clubs than anything else that was on the market. Caddy-Clean is an all-in-one golf club cleaner that quickly and efficiently sprays, scrubs, scrapes, and wipes your clubs clean anywhere, even right on the course.

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