PinBox 3000 Pinball Machine Kit

By Cardboard Teck

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Think outside the box—build a DIY pinball machine with it. This Made in the USA kit comes with everything you need to build a full-fledged machine with cardboard. Build, customize obstacles, then decorate. You won’t need batteries, tools, or screens—just some ready-to-fold hands.

  • Made in the USA: Philadelphia, PA
  • Materials: Cardboard, glass marbles, plastic rivets
  • Care: Keep away from moisture, and at room temperature
  • Includes 2 interchangeable playboards with flippers and launchers, 39 die-cut parts in 12 slides, 3 marbles, 15 sets of box rivets (30 total), 12 rubber bands, a design pencil, a hole punch, and an instruction sheet
  • Step-by-step instructions are also printed on the parts themselves
  • Average assembly time is 1 hour
  • No batteries, tools, or screens required
  • Durable corrugated cardboard
  • Lightweight and recyclable material
  • Can customize different designs, obstacles, and pathways
  • Two PinBox 3000 games may be connected for two-player Battlemode
  • Printable graphics should be printed on 18" x 12" sheets of paper
  • For more detailed instructions, please see the step-by-step assembly video
  • Dimensions: Box: 24" x 14" x 2.6"; Assembled: 24” x 14” x 12"
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.

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Great gift

12/20/2017 by Anna

Great alternative to tech gifts!


So nice we bought it twice!

9/18/2017 by Daniella

My husband had such a great time putting this together with my nephew (age 14) that I bought another one for him. It is super cool and now both of them can have a blast. It does take time to assemble, though, and I cannot imagine that a 7-9 year old could do it in two hours with adult help. It took a 14 and 37 year old 90 minutes just to get the basic structure/mechanisms set up..... so leave some time for set up! But it is totally worth it!More > < Less


Great gift

2/13/2019 by Angela

I gave this pinball machine kit to my 7 year old nephew. He and his dad put it together and sent me photos of my nephew playing pinball. He enjoyed it a lot and it was a unique gift.More > < Less

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Got an hour? Build a pinball machine.

About Cardboard Teck

DIY Arcade

Want a pinball machine? Make it.

This Made in the USA, DIY pinball machine comes with everything you need (39 recyclable parts, easy-to-follow instructions, marbles, and blank cardboard) to make a full-fledged machine.

It was invented by two professors, who wanted to encourage technology-free exploration—which is why there are no tools, batteries, or screens involved. All you need is an hour or so, and hands that are ready to fold.

Once you’ve built your base, customize the playfield with obstacles and pathways. The cardboard doubles as a canvas you can paint over—or, alternately, print out PinBox 3000’s graphics to add some of their colorful flair.

Now you can shoot, sling, and score using an American-made, homemade arcade game.