Instant Biodegradable Grill

By CasusGrill

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This eco-friendly instant grill does the same job as its aluminum counterpart, but in a completely natural and biodegradable design. The cardboard frame, bamboo grill grates, and lava stone lining (to help retain heat) quickly assemble, and bamboo charcoal briquettes heat up in about five minutes and stay hot for around an hour. When you’re done cooking, you can toss the grill into a campfire or in a trash bin knowing it will naturally decompose.

  • Materials: Lava rocks, bamboo, Quick Oxylite™ bamboo charcoal, and FSC cardboard
  • Care/Disposal: Allow charcoal to extinguish before disposal, use water to cool down if needed. Grill can be disposed of in a bonfire or trash/compost
  • Includes: One single-use instant grill
  • Instructions: Place the grill on a firm, even and non-flammable surface and remove the grill rack made of cardboard and bamboo sticks from the grill. Assemble the grill and light the charcoal at each corner. The grill will be ready to use in 5 minutes. Full instructions in the user manual
  • Maintains about 400 degrees F for roughly 60 minutes
  • Quick Oxylite™ bamboo charcoal does not require lighter fluid
  • Constructed of 100% natural materials. Bamboo, charcoal, and cardboard are biodegradable
  • Uses less charcoal, emits 50% less CO2 than commercial single-use grills
  • Danish Design Award Winner 2017
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12.2" x 9.2" x 5"
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.

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Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Amazing Grill


This biodegradable grill is awesome. It is ergonomic, I carried 2 in 1 hand as I walked through a NYC park where I put my grill together in less than 2 minutes, turned it on, but some food on top, even made a hot tea all on top of this grill. The thing that made it even better than expected it lasted almost 2 hours in 15 minutes, allowing me to cook up even more.
This is a great invention and NYC parks would thank a lot of us, for the clean up is pretty much non-existent and the product is not destroying the environment; not to mention safe to use.

Amazing product.
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I haven’t tried it yet but looks awesome for emergencies


Best grill for quick use and easy clean up.


Went on a kayaking trip, grabbed a few casus grills and am so happy I did. Slid a few units easily in a backpack that then went into the canoe holding all of the coolers and bags.
After a few miles we found an area for us to get out of the water, stretch our legs, have lunch. This guy was perfect, we lit them up then threw some vegetables, burgers, and brats on the grills. The taste was surprisingly better than my regular grill. Clean up was a breeze and we didn't leave a mess. I highly recommend this product for the frequent outdoorsman. It doesn't weigh you down or let you down!
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Lightweight, convenient, & easy to use!


I went on an overnight camping trip and brought this with me. It's lightweight and compact. Best of all, it took me less than 3 minutes to set up and start cooking and it was putting off heat for a couple of hours. I did find it a bit flimsy and the wooden grill can get burned and broken, but I'd definitely consider buying this product again for future uses.More > < Less


could be alot better/cheaper


shame,brilliant concept,design flaws,not stable for anything but hotdogs,quality briquets,bamboo is highly flammable /unsturdy. Too bad ,could,could have been a contender-Eco-friendly which is a huge +More > < Less

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About CasusGrill

Instant Grill

Casus instant grill is a marvel of eco-friendly, and user-friendly, design. It’s made for one-time use and is entirely natural and biodegradable. What looks like a neatly packed (and lightweight) box transforms into a fully functional grill in about five minutes. It was created as a waste-free alternative for cooking out during hiking and camping trips.

The grill consists of eco-friendly components—a cardboard frame, bamboo grill grates, and lava stone lining to help retain heat—and it comes with its own bamboo charcoal briquettes, too. CasusGrill can maintain heat for around 60 minutes. When you’re done cooking, toss it into a campfire or the trash, knowing it will naturally decompose.

Aluminum grill pans littering campsites and clogging up trash bins inspired Susanne and Carsten Brøgger to create this biodegradable alternative. Their award winning, all-natural grill costs the same as its disposable counterparts, without having a negative impact on the earth.