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Coin Bracelets

By CustomMade.com

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These interlinking coin bracelets by artist, Stacey Lee Webber, are made of out-of-mint coins. The Abe Bracelet is made of copper pennies and the Franklin Bracelet is made of silver dimes. The coins are cut by hand using a small jewelry saw and are then soldered together.

  • Made in the USA: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Materials: Pennies: Pure copper; Dimes: Pure silver
  • Care: Polish with a soft cloth
  • Approximately 7 inches in length
  • Pennies are 1982 or older, Dimes are from 50's & 60's
  • Store in plastic bag to prevent tarnishing
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 3" x 1.5" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.125 lb.
CustomMade.com - Coin Bracelets

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CustomMade.com is a revolutionary online marketplace designed to connect consumers with discerning taste to skilled Makers and craftspeople all over the country. Why buy from a big box retailer when you can get something that means so much more, made just for you by a true artisan?

CustomMade.com founders, Mike Salguero and Seth Rosen, want to fundamentally change the way people think about buying everything including furniture, home decor, jewelry and ceramics. Their goal is to make custom accessible to us all. The concept resonates with The Grommet CEO Jules Pieri so much so that when it came time to design our new office space, Jules worked with CustomMade.com to bring her vision to life.

Delighted with the results, The Grommet has turned to CustomMade.com again, this time, to design and commission a limited run of coin bracelets from Philadelphia jeweler, Stacy Lee Webber whose designs have been featured at The Smithsonian. Each handcrafted bracelet is made of out-of-mint pennies and dimes. Move over mass production, custom is making a come back.