Artisanal Cheese Storage Container

By Cheese Vault


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Keep artisanal cheese fresher for longer with a cheese storage container. Unlike wrapping in plastic, the silicone lid-and-base-combo is designed to wick moisture away from cheese, thwarting mold from developing and preserving flavor. There’s a divider to keep different cheeses separate and the container can be written on to label what’s inside.

  • Materials: Food-grade silicone
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Includes one Cheese Vault, lid, and divider
  • Can be used to store hard, semi-hard, and even firmer soft cheeses
  • Uniquely designed to wick away excess moisture and delay cheese molding
  • Food-grade silicone won’t impart any off flavors to artisanal cheeses
  • Divider can be used to keep different cheese types separated
  • Polished ends allow users to write cheese name and storage date with ballpoint pen
  • Helps prevent cheese aromas in fridge
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 1.14 lbs.

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Works well


I've used it to store parmesan and cheddar at the same time and it has done a great job. Keeps the cheese the way it was intended to be. My husband was skeptical at first but he's seeing it does work.More > < Less




Works great. Am very pleased!


It works!


I have used this cheese vault for two different cheeses (Swiss and Extra Sharp Cheddar) and they equally stayed fresh. So much better than taking on the plastic bag taste. Very surprised and happy with this product. You gotta love cheese!
More > < Less


Fabulous Item!


I was very skeptical that this item would do what it said, but it really does work!! I put pepper jack cheese on one side and a dill cheese on the other side for two weeks and it was as fresh as the day I purchased them. I was worried that the flavors would transfer to each other, but they didn’t!! If you’re a cheese lover, this is truly a fabulous product!More > < Less


enjoying this product


great idea - works very well

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About Cheese Vault

Cheese Storage

Artisanal cheeses are best kept in a cheese storage container, but many of us don’t do it the right way. (Hint: plastic wrap is not the right way.) The Cheese Vault, however, is the right way. It is designed to let cheese breathe, which is the key to prolonging its freshness and preserving its flavor.

The silicone lid and base wick moisture away from cheese, thwarting mold from developing. Silicone is dishwasher-safe and won’t harbor cheese-y smells or absorb other odors lingering in the fridge. There’s a divider to keep different cheeses separate and the ends are writable—to note a cheese type, purchase date, or to pen a friendly hands-off warning.