Spin-Dry Toilet Brush

By Dreamfarm

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Get the dirty job done with a smarter toilet bowl brush. After cleaning duty, squeeze this brush's handle to spin the head and dry the bristles quickly, before the brush goes into its storage container. You’re left with no drippy mess, a clean toilet, and a cleaner brush.

  • Materials: Nylon
  • Instructions: To dry the brush, after cleaning your toilet, lift the brush up so it is still in the toilet but above the water. Squeeze the handle to spin the brush dry into the toilet bowl
  • Handle hygienically spins the brush head to quickly dry the bristles
  • Removes trapped particles and allows for drip-free replacement into its canister
  • The slimline canister features a weighted base for stability
  • Canister can be gripped and moved by squeezing the brush handle so the canister never needs to be touched
  • Designed in Brisbane, Australia
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 16.7" x 4.1" diameter
  • Weight: 0.99 lb.

9 Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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If you hate the ugly toilet brush as much as I do...


This product works great, spins dry and hides in a sleek cylinder! I’m repurchasing them for all of my other bathrooms. Highly recommend!


Works as designed


My cleaning lady says it a time saver






Love it


Don't have to get my hands wet that what I like about it.


Give this Brush a try, you’ll be pleased


This is one of the best Grommets to date. It works remarkably well without ever leaving a mess.

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Squeeze for a drip-free toilet brush.

About Dreamfarm

Squeeze & Dry

Spin-Dry was created to make drippy toilet bowl brushes a thing of the past. The simple, but smart, brush spins itself dry so you don’t have to shake or tap it against the bowl. This eliminates any drippy mess inside the brush holder, too.

After you’ve cleaned the toilet, squeeze the brush’s handle to spin the bristled head. This allows the bristles to dry quickly, and it helps remove any trapped (and seriously unwanted) particles.

When you’re done, the brush stores neatly in its sleek container. You can move the container just by picking up the brush handle when its stored inside. It stays sturdily in place, thanks to a weighted base.

Because of Spin-Dry’s quick-drying spin action, there won’t be a murky mystery puddle at the bottom of the container anymore—making the brush cleaner for you to handle, and the bathroom all around more sanitary.