Roadie Bicycle Rack

By Clug

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Designed to fit skinny street bikes and fixie tires, this micro bike stand keeps your ride upright by squeezing onto a single tire. Installs with just two screws, parks your bike virtually anywhere—against a wall, leaning on a tree—as long as one tire is touching the ground.

  • Material: 100% plastic
  • World's smallest bike rack
  • Wall-mounted bike clip for vertical or horizontal bike storage
  • Inexpensive way to mount your bike on the wall
  • Fits tires 23 mm to 32 mm
  • The original Clug designed to fit the skinny tires on road racers and urban fixies
  • Simple installation
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 0.06 lbs.

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Super cool minimalist design that works!


Amazing product


We have a total of eight bikes for our family of five. Our shed was pretty chaotic until I saw this innovative product. Now each kid has a specific place to put his/her bike. Installation is very easy. As a chemist, I really appreciate the polymer that was chosen for this product as well as its very clever design! I bought two of these and am now ordering three more.More > < Less


Good concept, falls a bit short


I really like the concept of a simple, non-intrusive bike rack. And the Clug comes close. However, the molly screws that come do not provide a rock-solid attachment, mine wiggles a bit (and I have installed a couple hundred molly's in my day). Also, the wholes in the Clug for the molly's are too small to accommodate a more robust molly screw.
A second consideration is that while the Clug holds the front tire, the bottom tire rests against the wall and naturally leaves a lot of dirt and tire marks.
I'm a guy and can live with it, my wife not so much. I'm looking for another solution.
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Wait . . . how does that hold a bike?

About Clug

Park Place

Clug: It’s a combination of “clip” and “hug.” And that’s exactly what it does to a bike tire, enabling you to stand your bike—upright or horizontally—anywhere you clug it. It’s an indoor bike rack small enough to hold in one hand.

Clug comes in two parts and installation is as easy as mounting it on two screws. Once the “clipper” (the Clug's outer casing) is mounted, snap in the colorful “gripper.” Just like that, you are ready to clug your ride. Mount it to a wall, your floor, a tree, anywhere you want to park your bike. Then, roll in your tire, and it will make a “clug”-like sound when it catches.

Clug isn’t made to suspend a bike. But as long as the unclugged tire remains on the ground, Clug will keep your bike standing. There’s a Clug to fit each common tire width. And since it’s so small, it doesn’t take up any more room than your bike does.