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The Mason Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

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A unique four-piece cocktail shaker made of glass and stainless steel.

  • This Mason Shaker features a real 32 oz. regular mouth glass Mason Jar and a 3 piece stainless steel strainer lid and cap, so you can whip up 2 to 4 cocktails whenever the moment strikes.
  • Measures 8.5" tall.
  • Materials: Glass, High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Care: Hand wash lid. Jar is dishwasher safe.
  • Made in the USA

39 Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)


Not happy with this shaker

by for Cocktail Shaker

Nice idea, buyer beware! Purchased one to add to our extensive collection of martini shakers, and two as gifts for our sons. All of us felt they were not easy to pour and made a mess on the counter. We love to use and show off all our unique and varied collection of shakers and were excited to add this one to our collection but were very disappointed by its performance.


Best Cocktail Shaker Ever!!!

by for Cocktail Shaker

I love to make the occasional martini, and had a stainless steel one but the cap always got stuck or would slip off while shaking a cocktail. Then I took it camping and in the middle of the night it fell on the floor and someone stepped on it and it was dented. What I like about this one is if the jar should break you can just grab any mason jar and it will work again and again... Oh and there cap is snug but not too snug...


Best Shaker ever

by for Cocktail Shaker

A Christmas gift for my husband. The top was very snug but once we got it off it has worked perfect every time. My husband likes to drink his alcohol straight so by using this shaker he can shake with ice to get it really cold. YUMMY! but he doesn't have to keep ice in the glass to water down his drink by the time its finished. We have tried other shakers nothing has ever worked this good or looked so cute.


Damn, such a great idea!

by for Cocktail Shaker

I ordered several of these for Christmas gifts this year. I must say how impressed I am by this product. I did notice the shaker top/lid fit very snugly at first and it soon loosened to perform beautifully. I love that you can interchange them with other mason jars to make different specialty drinks with only needing to wash the lid between mixings. Everyone that received this as a gift absolutely loved it.


Practical and humorous at the same time.

by for Cocktail Shaker

I like the fact that you do not have to bump the shaker to get the top off for serving as is done with regular shakers. The design is humorous (Redneck) and goes right along with the cocktail and beer mugs designed from Mason jars. I recommend this product from the practical and humorous standpoints and it would make an excellent gift.

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The Mason Shaker - Cocktail Shaker

About The Mason Shaker

What's Shakin'

A shot of Americana, a jigger of Southern sensibility, a dash of design ingenuity, and what have you got? The Mason Shaker.

Founders and childhood friends Eric and Josh were raised with an appreciation for vintage Americana, especially the iconic Mason jar, a bar and restaurant staple down South where they grew up.

Known for fashioning Old Fashions from any impromptu kitchen objects available, the friends (now located in Brooklyn, NY) decided it was time to re-tool their favorite glass jars into cocktail shakers. Before you could say, "Cheers," the Mason Shaker was born.

Equipped with a cap
and strainer, the Mason Shaker is ready to mix, shake, and serve.

Cocktails, anyone?

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