Smart-Splitter Wood Splitting Tool


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No axe needed. LOGOSOL's smart log splitter is an easier and ergonomic way to do get the job done with logs and kindling. Wood gets split by raising and lowering the striking weight instead of swinging an axe, so there’s less strain on your back. The weight delivers up to 30,000 pounds of force and hits the same spot, every time.

  • Materials: Splitting wedge: Steel; Striking weight: Cast iron; Bushings: Nylon; Rods: Steel; Washers: Rubber and metal
  • Care: Store cutting wedge indoors when not in use
  • Includes: One 7.8 pound striking weight, one splitting wedge, one kindling wedge, one fixation bolt, one stop nut, two nylon impact bushings, one 12 mm rod, two metal washers, one rubber washer, one wrench, one 20 mm drill bit. Wooden base not included
  • Instructions: Read manual before use. Recommended wood length is 15.7” (40 cm). Lift the handle and place the log carefully under the splitting wedge. Lift the striking weight with both hands and drop it on the splitting wedge, making sure you let it go before it actually hits the wedge. Repeat as necessary to split wood. For kindling, use the kindling edge blade
  • Safer and less straining on back and shoulders than swinging an axe
  • Highly efficient way to split wood as every strike produces 30,000 pounds of force
  • Maximum allowed length of log: 21.5”
  • Maximum allowed log diameter: 19.5”
  • Caution: Use protective gloves when assembling. Always use safety goggles and ear protection. Use only as directed in the included user manual
  • For ages 18+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 55" x 3" diameter
  • Weight: 26 lbs

12 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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A very fine tool.

8/3/2019 by Joyce

Simple to set up and use. Comes with everything you need, drill bit, wrench, extra grommet for the weight. So helpful for older people who can't swing an axe anymore. I was kinda stunned by how much wood I split in a very short time.More > < Less



6/26/2019 by Sabrina

My husband enjoys using it. It works well!


This machine is the best since sliced bread!

6/15/2019 by Cheryl

I bought this great gadget for my 76 year old husband. We had a huge maple tree cut down and they cut the logs so my husband could split them. We have a wood burning stove so this will be the handiest machine ever. It is easy to use. I might even try it!

Thank you very much to the person who invented it!

Cheryl G
More > < Less



5/29/2019 by Sharilyn

I bought this and gave it to my 82 year old father as an early fathers day gift and it works really well for him. He no longer has to swing an axe!More > < Less


Best thing since sliced bread,

3/11/2019 by Deborah

I am 64 years old and it was getting hard to swing an axe. This gizmo is fantastic

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Swing-Free Splits

LOGOSOL has created an easier to use ergonomic alternative to an axe, which is fitting coming from a team that has dedicated the last 20 years to making more efficient and user-friendly woodworking tools. This Sweden-based group is headed up by Bengt-Olov Byström, who grew up splitting logs on a farm. Their smart log splitter proves that just about anyone can split a log—but probably not the way you think.

Instead of swinging an axe, you’re lifting and dropping a 7.8 pound striking weight to split logs and kindling. This means less strain on your back and better accuracy. Once it’s set up, it will hit the same spot every time—and with more force than you can probably deliver on your own (up to 30,000 pounds). We tried it out and found this splitter to do the job faster—so we had more time to curl up by the fire.