9" Anchoring Ground Stake Set

By Speed Cinch

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The secure stakes from Speed Cinch make tying down ropes, cords, and lines a quick and simple task—without tying any knots. Just feed the rope through the cinch, loop it around, and lock it into place. Each Stake goes into the ground, so it can easily be moved around and reused for different tasks. Use it to hold lines for tents, canopies, or for landscaping jobs, like tying back bushes.

  • Made in the USA: Marcellus, MI
  • Material: Glass filled nylon
  • Includes four 9” stakes and tying instructions
  • Features unique, 3-step knotless tie system
  • Load capacity: Secures up to a 175 lb. load
  • Durable, impact-grade all-weather material
  • Great for use with tents, tarps, gardening, and camping
  • Works with most lines and cords up to ¼” in diameter
  • Dimensions: Stake (each): 9.5" x 2.5" x 1.75"
  • Weight: Individual stake: 0.14 lb.
Not great at tying knots? Now you don’t need to be.

About Speed Cinch

No Knots Needed

Don’t know how to tie a knot? Not a problem. (Ha!) The secure stakes and spinners from Speed Cinch let you securely anchor ropes, lines, and cords anyway.

Both the Stake and Spinner use the same technique. Just feed the rope through the cinch, loop it around, and lock it into place it. The tools do all of the hard work keeping lines taut.

Founder Jim Bainbridge is a U.S. Veteran, and is proud to make Speed Cinch in the USA. He’s also a hunter, and first created this knot-free solution to keep hunting blinds up.

Use the Spinner as a permanent anchor point by screwing into a stable surface, like a tree or a shed. It’s great for hanging tarps, a clothesline, or, like Jim, pop-up hunting blinds.

For in-ground anchoring, use the Stake. It holds lines for tents, canopies, or sports nets. When you’re done, you can pull it up and use it somewhere else.