Paper Clinch Staple-Free Stapler

By PLUS America

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Do typical stapling jobs without using any staples. This stapleless stapler can inter-fold up to five or up to ten pages together to keep things secure and staple-free.

  • Materials: Steel, plastic
  • Care: Periodically dispose of the waste paper in the stapler
  • Instructions: Press down firmly on the stapler. The inter-folding process fastens paper without staples
  • Quickly fasten paper without the use of staples
  • Safe for children to use
  • Fastened documents are paper shredder safe
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Dimensions: 5 Sheet Stapler: 4.3" x 1.5" x 3"; 10 Sheet Stapler: 5" x 2.7" x 4.25"
  • Weight: 5 Sheet Stapler: 0.28 lb; 10 Sheet Stapler: 0.75 lb

4 Reviews (3.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Outstanding performance!

7/7/2019 by Richard M

This is a good stapler for keeping your notes together. I don't us it on very important documents that I don't want any holes in if I need to keep two together I use a paper clip!More > < Less


Very cool

7/7/2019 by Skip

I wasn’t sure how this would work but it is absolutely amazing. I took it to my office at work actually.


Staple free stapler

7/22/2019 by Gladys

I like the paper clinch staple free stapler. I very much love the idea of no staples. I've noticed though it works best with a few sheets of paper, not so great with just 2 sheets of paper.More > < Less


Works, BUT .....

6/19/2019 by SUSAN

It does 'staple' 2 sheets but if you want to flip up sheet one to look at the second page they fall apart. Kind of defeats the purpose of a staple.More > < Less

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About PLUS America

Office Rework

The team at PLUS America strives to create innovative office supplies to help do everyday tasks, but they take a fresher approach than you’d expect—after all, when was the last time a pair of scissors made you look twice? Their stapleless staplers and curved-blade scissors will indeed turn your head for both how they look and work.

Those eye-catching scissors stand out for not looking like scissors at all. A pair is slimmed down and compact and could easily be overlooked as a pen. Curved blades do cutting jobs and lock in place for safety when they’re not at work. And as for those stapleless staplers, that’s not a typo. They really do ditch traditional metal staples and still secure pages together by interfolding them, nice and neatly.