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Whether you’re traveling abroad or running errands, Dash Wallets range from a passport holder to a barely-there billfold. And every design streamlines bulk out of pockets and bags.

After a dog named Dash chewed up Founder Steven Ng’s wallet, he looked for one that fit his minimalist sensibilities and came up short. So he started
innovating his own.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Steven started Dash. Each is made from durable, vegan leather with designs that let you get to cards and cash fast, then fit smoothly back into pockets. Features like oil-coated edges and a cross-hatch finish help them stand up to wear and tear. And the larger travel wallet is enhanced with RFID protection—with space for your passport and travel documents, like boarding passes.

And to think, a dog is to thank for inspiring these solidly constructed, thoughtfully pared down designs.
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You can thank a dog for these vegan wallets.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Steven

    Hi! I'm Steven Ng, a 23-year old industrial product designer/entrepreneur from San Francisco. Since discovering crowdfunding as a freshman at UCLA, I've launched over 10 products including Dash Wallets. These wallets focus on minimal, functional designs affordably delivered directly to consumers. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

  • Steven
    Steven – Special Guest
    12/2/2016 10:15 AM

    Hi all! Let me know if you have any questions about Dash Wallets.

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    12/2/2016 11:09 AM

    Thanks, Steven. And go Bruins!

  • Marian
    12/2/2016 11:07 AM

    Do you have a woman's version design?

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    12/2/2016 12:27 PM

    These are the designs available at the moment, Marian. Was there a specific style you were thinking of?

  • James
    12/2/2016 11:08 AM

    I like the passport design and the price is right but what is "vegan leather"?

  • Daphne
    12/2/2016 11:13 AM


    75% Ployurethane, 25% Polyester

  • Steven
    Steven – Special Guest
    12/2/2016 12:44 PM

    @Daphne It is a synthetic microfiber canvas that is pressed to be a durable and weatherproof material.

  • Judy
    12/2/2016 11:16 AM

    What is the "vegan leather" made out of?


  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    12/2/2016 11:17 AM

    Look to Daphne's reply Judy. ^^

  • sally
    12/2/2016 12:24 PM

    thank you *so* much for the vegan leather option! a thoughtful and forward-thinking choice and brilliantly suited to the design.

  • Steven
    Steven – Special Guest
    12/2/2016 12:41 PM

    @sally Thanks for noticing that. We definitely try to use socially conscious materials whenever possible. This is the only way to build a sustainable brand over time.

  • Jocelyn
    12/2/2016 1:09 PM

    Will you have your wallets in colors? Black and brown get lost in the purse.........and so dull........Jocelyn

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    12/2/2016 5:29 PM

    That's what we're offering at the moment, Jocelyn. We'l be sure to update you if that changes.

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