Everything ORGO

Expandable Travel Organizer

Stay ORGO-nized

With its customizable compartments and hidden work surface, Everything ORGO is much more than an expandable cosmetic bag. It’s a whole system to organize and keep track of makeup, toiletries, jewelry and more.

The most unusual feature is its built-in counter space that fits securely over your sink. When you unsnap and slide the
two sides open, you’ll create a surface area that keeps your stuff where you can see it—and stops it from falling into the sink.

Removable inserts, zipper pockets, and elastic grips let you configure the inside just how you like it. Add or detach lightweight dividers depending on your storage needs and your affinity to nooks and crannies.

Maker Diane Copek created Everything ORGO to streamline her travel. But this light, compact, and expandable design works whether you’re at home or on the go. Use it to organize craft supplies or camping essentials. Or keep all your necessities together (and separate from your roommates) if you share a bathroom.

Keep everything in an 15-inch organizer that unpacks to three feet of storage.
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It’s a 15 inch organizer with 3 feet of space.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Camrin

    Hello Everyone! My name is Camrin and I'd like to introduce you to Everything ORGO! We're so excited to have Everything ORGO featured on The Grommet, allow me to answer any questions you may have on this wonderful product that is truly a smart solution for small spaces!

  • Nancy
    7/12/2016 10:38 AM

    Two questions:

    1. Do the sides detach so you can use the smaller containers separately?

    2. Is there a hook for hanging?

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 10:54 AM

    Hi @Nancy!

    Thank you for your questions. ORGO Lite is designed to fit in the smallest carry ons to your back pack and in some instances our purses. The sides do not detach because it would take away from counter space that we feature.

    As of now there is no hook for hanging but what's great about ORGO Lite is that you are able to store it however you would like and all of your items will stay exactly where you left them!

    We appreciate your questions and are always looking for more feedback to evolve our brand!

  • Marilyn
    7/12/2016 10:52 AM

    By laying it out on the sink will it set off the automatic faucets that are everywhere? I find I can't even lay my purse on the edge of a sink without the automatic faucet going off. Thank you.

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 10:57 AM

    Hello @Marilyn,

    ORGO Lite will fit perfectly around the edge of the sink allowing you to still use the faucet when needed.

    It is also water resistant so it can withstand getting a little wet.

  • Linda
    7/12/2016 11:35 AM

    What are the dimensions of the ORGO?

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 11:42 AM

    Hello @Linda!

    The dimensions of ORGO Lite are 15x10.75x2.25 ! It is very slim in design and the beauty of it is that it does not require its own shelf space!

  • hilda
    7/12/2016 12:11 PM

    @Camrin what is the dimension of each zippered compartment? Thanks

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 12:35 PM

    Hi @hilda,

    I am not certain on the exact dimensions of the pockets but they are gusseted. This allows much give to fit larger items inside. For example, combs, hair brush, razors, playing cards, small children toys, etc.

  • susan
    7/12/2016 2:47 PM

    @Camrin Adding a hook at one end would be wonderful and allow for hanging option, which is sometimes the only option. There must be add-on hooks one can get... is there a loop of some kind on your product?

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 3:20 PM

    Hello @susan!

    Thank you for your suggestion! At the moment we do not offer a loop for hanging purposes.

  • Dolla
    7/12/2016 11:54 AM

    Hi Camrin,

    Will the ORGO open up in a straight line, or just in a circular configuration as shown in the picture?

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 12:01 PM

    Hi @Dolla !

    ORGO Lite opens up in the circular configuration to easily fit your sink.

  • Nancy
    7/12/2016 11:58 AM

    I'm thinking this might be great for my essential oils. But would the oils stain? Or would they just wipe off also?

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 12:03 PM

    Hello @Nancy,

    ORGO Lite cleans very easily, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

  • Shirley
    7/12/2016 12:15 PM

    I love this idea! The only suggestion I have would be to have the zippered compartments have clear, see through plastic so one can see what is inside those contained areas.


  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 12:21 PM


    That is great feedback! Thank you for your suggestions to add to further product!

  • Albert
    7/12/2016 1:58 PM

    Suggested - The only suggestion I have would be to have the zippered compartments have clear, see through plastic so one can see what is inside those contained areas.

    Also ALL clear so it could be used and TSA inspections would not be a problem.

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 2:24 PM

    Hello @Albert!

    We welcome all feedback from our consumers! This is a great idea @Shirley had the same idea with the pockets, to take it a step further for TSA inspection is definitely something to consider moving forward!

  • Gail
    7/12/2016 1:09 PM


    What would be the weight?

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 1:17 PM

    Hi @Gail!

    Thank you for your question. ORGO Lite is 1.14 lbs.

  • Denise
    7/12/2016 1:19 PM

    Would it fit a flat iron? Or small blow dryer?

  • Camrin
    Camrin – Special Guest
    7/12/2016 1:31 PM

    Hi @Denise,

    This is a great question but a difficult one as well.

    ORGO Lite is equipped with removable inserts for larger items. For me, I am able to fit my straightener but not my hair dryer. For my colleague, she is able to fit her hair dryer but not her straightener.

    ORGO Lite is designed more for portability but it definitely would depend on the size of your styling tools.

  • Diana
    7/12/2016 4:56 PM

    What are the 3 dimensions for this product?

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    7/12/2016 5:13 PM

    You can find them right here, Diana.

  • Bill
    7/12/2016 5:27 PM

    Where is this made?

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    7/12/2016 5:32 PM

    It's made in China, Bill.

  • Debbie
    7/12/2016 7:08 PM

    Looks wonderful! However, for airline travel, it would have to be in one's checked bag, since the 3oz. liquid & gel containers have to be in the 1 quart clear bag for security. Either that, or one could not put any liquids or gels in it, and then it could go in one's carry-on bag.

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    7/12/2016 8:40 PM

    Thanks, Debbie. When it comes to airline travel, those removable inserts can help open up the room for a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes allowed in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. Here's that in action from our Snapchat today.

    Snap Haps


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