Family Diversity Blocks

By MyFamilyBuilders

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This set of interchangeable wooden dolls is what we’ll call a kids’ diversity toy. It encourages little ones to build all sorts of different families—whether they look like their own, or are a multi-cultural blend of all the blocks in the box. The hardwood pieces are finished with non-toxic paint and stack with magnets. It’s a fun way to build (and create new combinations) as well as celebrate that not every family looks alike.

  • Materials: Eco-friendly hardwood, non-toxic water based paint, neodymium magnets, and paper cards
  • 32 Piece Set includes: 32 handcrafted magnetic wooden blocks that come in 12 sizes: 8 adult heads, 8 kid heads, 4 big bodies, 4 small bodies, 4 big legs, 4 small legs, and 3 additional "make up a character" blocks (head, body, and legs)
  • 48 Piece Set includes: 48 handcrafted magnetic wooden blocks that come in 12 sizes: 16 adult heads, 16 kid heads, 4 big bodies, 4 small bodies, 4 big legs, 4 small legs, 3 additional "make up a character" blocks (head, body, and legs), and 25 game cards to play 5 fun, educational games designed for different age stages ( 3, 4, 5, and 6+)
  • Create one-of-a-kind characters and families with over 1000 possible combinations
  • Great conversation starter for parents and educators to talk about diversity
  • A great gift for all families, teachers, and schools
  • Blocks recommended for ages 1+
  • Educational games recommended for ages 3+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 32 Piece Set: 7.55" x 3.15" x 6.10"; 48 Piece Set: 9.96" x 3.15" x 7.28"
  • Weight: 32 Piece Set: 2.5 lbs.; 48 Piece Set: 3.12 lbs.

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This is Our Extended Family’s Favorite Toy

10/19/2018 by Bella

This is one of the first toys I bought for my bi-racial granddaughter. The whole family absolutely loves, loved loves these toys. We love mixing and matching and they are charming figures that look like they of fashion toys.More > < Less


Just as Advertised

9/1/2017 by Edwina

They are great. My great-great grandson loves them. Am going to order the larger set for him and give his to friend.



Diversity Blocks

8/7/2017 by Edwina

They are just as descsribed. My great-grandson loves them. I plan on passing the smaller set to a friend and getting the larger one for him. e

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A toy that looks like all of us.

About MyFamilyBuilders

Playful Diversity

Ez Karpf was on the hunt for a specific gift—a multiracial doll—when he noticed a lack of kids’ diversity toys available. So he decided to make his own to represent all types of families.

MyFamilyBuilders lets kids stack up their own little people that might look just like them, or might look more like the world around them. It’s a playful way to expose little ones to different faces and types of families in the world. The combinations are (almost) endless, as is the fun of creating them.

The blocks are made with strong magnets that keep them stacked, and eco-friendly hardwood finished with non-toxic paint. While he was researching about toys, Ez learned that children learn best through play. His are sure to gets kids playing, while they celebrate diversity.