Black No Buckle Belt

By Invisibelt


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Flat, smoothing adjustable belt holds up your pants and jeans around the waist without the bulk of traditional belts. An innovative accessory to be worn under body skimming fashions.

  • Invisibelt provides an instant smoothing effect under body skimming clothing
  • Eliminates the "back gap" when pants/jeans are a bit big around the waist
  • Regular size is adjustable for waist sizes 0 to 14; length: 43" width: 1"
  • Plus size is adjustable for waist sizes 16 to 4X; length: 53" width: 1"
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 8" x 10" x 1"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

53 Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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12/20/2018 by Shirley

Works as advertised. Would like to see a slightly wider version.


Invisible Belt

10/29/2018 by Claudia

I have a hard time with belts. I ordered this belt and to my surprise I love it. It stays flat to your body and looks smooth under my clothes. A great alternative to your average belts. A great item to wardrobe.More > < Less


Belly belt

5/15/2018 by Mary

This is my favorite grommet purchase


The belt that doesn't feel like you have one on.

5/14/2018 by Audrey

I have worn this belt a few times now and it is very comfortable. It is very flat to the pant so you don't see that it is under your shirt. It is easy to adjust to your personal fit. The snap buckle makes it easy to open and close. I love wearing it.More > < Less


As promised...

11/30/2017 by Lisa

I've delayed buying this due to price. But no other "flat" belts have achieved what this belt promises. This belt is perfect; it truly lays flat under your clothes. I wasn't clear on how it was going to adjust (thought it might have to be cut), but it has an easy slide that works just like a bra strap or purse strap. I chose skinny, thinking it would give me the most flexible use, but worried it might be too skinny for jeans...Nope. It's a nice width that works with jeans, dress pants and casual pants. It lays perfectly flat and nicely closes the pants gap at my back. Worn all day (14 hours), I got slight slippage in the adjustment, but not enough to impact performance. I only noticed when it was time to take it off, knowing that I prefer a tight fit.More > < Less

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Invisibelt - Eliminate Belt Bulk

About Invisibelt

All Belt, No Buckle and No Bulk

To belt or not to belt? It’s a question most of us have debated. You don’t want to leave the house with a big gap at the back of your pants, yet a bulky belt buckle would ruin the lines of your fitted top. So which do you settle for, a loose waistline or a bulging midsection? Talk about a no-win situation.

Kathy Kramer (left) used to tie shoelaces around her waist to cinch her pants without adding bulk, but the laces always slipped. So she used her expertise as a beauty editor and writer to invent this perfect low-profile alternative. Her Invisibelt lies completely flat. It holds up your pants without adding any bulk. You adjust it to your size, so there’s no trailing belt tail, then snap the clasp for a slim connection. As an added benefit, the Invisibelt is non-metallic and won’t set off security alarms at the airport. We’re so glad Daily Grommet friend Karen Finn told us about this slimming find. It’s the perfect way to pull your outfit together… literally.