Corn Butter Knife

Corn Butterer

Buttering corn can’t be graceful? ButterOnce begs to differ.

It’s a butter spreader for corn on the cob that slides, glides, and conforms to the cob’s curve—melting and distributing it evenly—so every kernel gets a turn. The beveled stainless steel edge (on either side) cuts and scoops the butter pre-spreading.

Get buttering
right the first time and a perfectly-buttered bite every time. Read More Read Less
No kernel left behind.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Anne

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to introduce ButterOnce to The Grommet. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

  • Anne
    Anne – Special Guest
    7/10/2017 9:50 AM

    Happy Monday. ButterOnce is so excited to be part of The Grommet family.

  • Joann
    7/10/2017 10:22 AM

    WOW - $7 EA? Since this isn't necessarily altering my lifestyle, I'd rather keep the $14 and hold a knife for a couple of seconds until it melts - WHY are items such as these so ridiculously expensive?

  • Anne
    Anne – Special Guest
    7/10/2017 10:29 AM

    @Joann I appreciate your comment. We feel this knife is a onetime purchase that will last many years due to it solid construction of stainless steel and riveted handle. The advantage of the ButterOnce over a regular knife is the butter stays on the corn and doesn't fall to the bottom of the plate and you can use less butter, saving money and calories.

  • Vannessa
    7/10/2017 10:23 AM

    I'm so excited to try this item! Using the end of my loaf of bread was getting old!

  • Anne
    Anne – Special Guest
    7/10/2017 10:30 AM

    @Vannessa Thank you Vannessa, It really works and can save you wasting bread and excess butter. Enjoy!!

  • Laura
    7/10/2017 10:30 AM

    Any way to get one instead of two? Thanks!

  • Anne
    Anne – Special Guest
    7/10/2017 10:38 AM

    @Laura Not at this time, It is currently only available in a package of 2. I have found

    that when you have a family, or guest it is convenient to have at least two.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

  • Annalise
    7/10/2017 10:52 AM

    I've been using ButterOnce for over a year and my guests love it, thanks Anne!

  • Guest
    7/10/2017 10:56 AM

    @Annalise Thanks Annalise!! So glad everyone is enjoying their ButterOnce.

  • Kristin
    7/10/2017 11:27 AM

    What a fantastic invention. Great job!

  • Anne
    Anne – Special Guest
    7/10/2017 11:30 AM

    @Kristin Thanks Kristin!! It's wonderful to get your feedback.

  • Gail
    7/10/2017 11:44 AM

    I would have liked to buy this but, unfortunately, it is made in China. I would pay a little extra if it was made in the United States.

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