Dessert Cookie Cups

Double Dessert

Back in the 7th grade, ChocAmo Founder Michelle Silberman and her best friend had the idea to combine milk and cookies in one treat—cookie cups. Flash forward to today, and Michelle’s chocolate chip childhood dream is a tasty reality thanks to her college entrepreneurship course.

ChocAmo’s cookie cups are made from scratch in
Philadelphia. The cups are tasty as-is, and come in flavors like Chocolate Chipster, a marble cookie with sea salt and a layer of dark chocolate, and Glitz and Glam, a sugar cookie with Madagascar vanilla cream cheese frosting rimmed with silver sprinkles. (Is your mouth watering yet?)

Fill a cup up to take it to the next level of deliciousness—think fillings like ice cream, pudding, espresso, or even a cocktail shot.

Cookie cups serve as an extra special dessert for special birthdays and parties, or are an easy way to make a custom treat anytime you feel like one.
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Serve dessert . . . in dessert.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Michelle

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to introduce ChocAmo to The Grommet. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

  • Sandy
    8/10/2017 11:09 AM

    Do these arrive frozen? Can they be kept in the freezer?

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    8/10/2017 12:32 PM

    @Sandy Once they arrive, make sure to put them in the refrigerator right away for optimal shelf life. But, they taste best if you eat them right after they arrive!

  • Michelle
    Michelle – Special Guest
    8/10/2017 1:06 PM

    @Sandy they can be placed in an airtight container and store in the freezer as well!

  • Zenith Marie
    Zenith Marie
    8/10/2017 12:29 PM

    Hello,these cups sound like a dream come true! Do these come in sugar free and gluten free?

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    8/10/2017 12:34 PM

    @Zenith Marie I do apologize, but all ChocAmo cups do include sugar and flour, so I'm sorry to say we don't have a sugar or gluten-free option.

  • Tricia
    8/10/2017 2:32 PM

    Great idea. TOO expensive!!!!

  • Michelle
    Michelle – Special Guest
    8/10/2017 2:56 PM

    @Tricia thanks for your comment, they're made from scratch with high quality ingredients and frosted by hand so they are a specialty item. We used unbleached flour, cage free eggs, pure vanilla and no preservatives. Hopefully you try them for a special occasion!

The launch day conversation has ended. Please direct further questions about this Grommet to our Community Experience Team.