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Preparing food on the barbeque requires fewer pots and pans than oven baking or cooking on a stovetop. But that doesn't mean that you can wash your hands of clean up duty. Now, there's a safe, simple way to avoid charred debris and buildup on the grates of your grill.

After accidentally ingesting wire from a metal grill cleaner, Andy Stadick teamed up with his brother and fellow grill guy Nathan Thompson to create an all-natural solution. Made in the USA of solid hardwood coated with a non-toxic, food safe mineral
oil, the Great Scrape cleaner actually molds to your barbeque grates forming grooves customized specifically to your grill.

Not too big and not too small, the Woody Paddle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It’s long enough to keep your hands away from the heat, but compact enough for everyday use. The Great Scrape also comes in two other sizes: The Woody is ideally suited for small grills making it a great on the go solution for camping or tailgating, while the Big Woody provides extra reach for oversized, extra hot grills.

Put an end to grimy grates and metal brushes with a grill cleaner as effective as it is aesthetically pleasing.
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The Great Scrape - Barbeque Cleaning Tool

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Andy & Nate
    Andy & Nate

    We are Andy Stadick & Nathan Thompson, co-creators of The Great Scrape. We wanted to create a natural tool for cleaning the grill that would be safer and more effective than the outdated metal wire brush. The Great Scrape is made of solid hardwood and coated with an all natural, non-toxic, food safe mineral oil. Thanks for having us!

  • Milly
    5/14/2014 12:44 PM

    I'd like more details on this simple solution. If it molds to your grates after using it, how does it look when you get it? How do you clean it?

  • Milly
    5/14/2014 12:48 PM

    Sorry, I guess I should have watched the video first. Looks like a cool tool I must have. Thank you for thinking retro.

  • Guest
    5/14/2014 12:51 PM

    @Milly Watching the video helps explain this.

  • Andy & Nate
    Andy & Nate – Special Guest
    5/14/2014 2:13 PM

    Milly, it sounds like you got your answers from the video, but it starts with a flat edge then forms to the grates. The grooves slow down as soon as you get to the thick part of the wood... glad you like the design.

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