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What our Customers Say...

"Thank you, you guys are great...I am amazed at the variety of items you have to offer. What a wonderful place to shop for really different and personal items. If I hadn't seen the write up on you in Women's World I don't know if I ever would have heard about your site. I will keep sending to friends and hope they catch on too."

"I had not heard of your site until yesterday and find it that is "completes" me in some way - you have such a great idea - and seem to really be living it - it's inspiring! I have signed up and intend to be an active participant.

"I just wanted you to know that I really like your concept and website. Very informative, really user friendly and the products were great and affordable. I have been on bed rest for the past week or so after a horseback riding accident, and I have to say that I have been really entertained and informed by your website. I have already asked about 5 or so friends to check you out."

"I like the videos. They were great for when the written description intrigued me and I wanted to see the product in action, like the bib clips. It was cool to see how they worked. I like the information underload… so much easier than being inundated."

"It's kind of pathetic, but I keep checking to see if the new grommet has posted. I get so excited when I press play and hear your little jingle. I guess it's like you're rooting for the underdog in a way. Helping people achieve their dreams. You often make us more aware of what is happening in other parts of the world with the stories about how that product came to the Arghand soaps and lotions. I'm not sure if you realize how much you're accomplishing and giving back every day. I am thankful I found you. I really think you are simply awesome."

"I love the videos that explain the products, how to use them and how and why they were created. It sparks my imagination every time. Thanks for finding all of the neat products that you feature. They each benefit the user and the world around us. I often mention items I find on your site – ALWAYS with the link to the product on your site. Quite a few of the ladies have ordered items in the last couple of weeks. We all appreciate your focus on ecologically responsible products and social responsibility."

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What Grommet Creators Say...

Bubi Bottle

See Bubi Bottle collapsible water bottle on the Grommet

Wow, the Grommet, what can I say, we hit a record on one day individual sales. Thanks much to all who ordered and came to the site here. Bubi is becoming a brand name, even a Manager at L-Breath in Japan, know the bottle by name.
Craig Madaus


See goodlinens towels on the Grommet

Wanting to thank you and everyone else on the team that was responsible for creating such an amazing launch video from the jumble of words I spewed in front of the camera – nothing short of a miracle, really! I nearly bought one of my own towels – and then remembered that there are 75 boxes full of them piled against my dining room wall. The Grommet launch has been the most exciting event to date in the seemingly endless process of getting a business off of the ground. Everyone on your team was a pleasure to work with.
JoAnne Chirico


See Waboba balls that bounce on water on the Grommet

Thank you SO much for sending the link to the Daily Grommet video on Waboba! You did a fabulous job on that and we are delighted to share it with all of our fans around the world—and provide them a link to your site as well! We’re so pleased that you and your families are enjoying the Waboba balls and we’ll keep you posted on other new products as they launch. We welcome any other photos, stories or new games your kids come up with—GREAT JOB!

Worker B

See Worker B beeswax skincare on the Grommet

It had been a while now since we were featured on the Daily Grommet and it is nice to keep receiving an order here and there - hands down the best online feature we have ever been a part of!


See Murbles outdoor lawn game on the Grommet

I just want to thank all of you at Daily Grommet for stepping up and helping to get my Murbles game noticed. I have been working on branding a new product for 3 years now. And what you have done in a week just blows me away. Thank you all for your support and guidance.

On The Hook

See On The Hook on the Grommet

It was an honor to have my lace bowls chosen to be a featured item on your site. I had such a blast yesterday and was very proud to share the video and link with my friends, family and fan base. The experience has already proven to be a boost for my own business, and I hope yours as well. I look forward to continuing our relationship and I hope the bowls will be a success on your site.


See PackIt Freeze & Go Cooler Bags on the Grommet

Thanks for featuring us as a Grommet. We're already reaping the benefits of the exposure and this is extremely important to us since we're a young company. I think providing a way for new ideas to be featured/exposed is a tremendous gift to the community.
Jeannette and Melissa


See Laundry Tree Soapnuts on the Grommet

"Being featured as a Daily Grommet was such an honor, and is one of my favorite LaundryTree experiences! I'm totally amazed that, nearly a year later, I still see traffic from the Grommet site and continue to see benefits. The video was absolutely amazing. I'm astonished at what wonderful things you can do with just a couple of minutes and a video clip. It's truly art."
Lisa Albrecht


See Boskke Sky Planters on the Grommet

You've created a framework that is both engaging and approachable which allows designers and the people they design for to venture further into a product or idea; to communicate directly with one another; to begin to really understand the heart of an idea or product. It was a pleasure to work with you and you made it incredibly easy for me. If at any moment I felt nervous or uncertain about the next step, you were right there to help. Already I have seen quite a bit of activity on Twitter as a result of being on the Daily Grommet, so I'm sure the exposure will grow.
Patrick Morris


See the WineHug on the Grommet

It's been awesome being featured on Daily Grommet. We loved how your whole team has made this experience so smooth and very professionally managed, yet in a fun way. The video was great and the response has been tremendous. Other than the nice orders that have started coming in (thank you), we've had a lot of interest from potential resellers, media, and others. I see that even Gary V., a big aficionado in the online wine business, has tweeted DG about us. We love the attention. ;-) We look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship
Mourad Chaouch


See Haiti Projects nightgowns on the Grommet

I should confess I have become a bit obsessed with your website. I love everything, from your brilliant concept of Citizen Commerce to your beautiful business cards. The idea of using social media and technology to improve commerce at both ends -- consumers' experience as well as the positive impact of their shopping on their communities and the greater world -- is a brilliant concept. Your ability to tell the story of each product is wonderful and you execute it beautifully. Anyway, clearly I gush over all the things you've managed to create. I am so glad we can be a part of that and get the word out about Haiti Projects and our Women's Cooperative at the same time.
Stephanie Lawrence


See Pearl's Premium on the Grommet

"Our experience working with Daily Grommet was fantastic! I consider them the coolest experience on the web and feel honored to be featured among some of the most innovative products anywhere."
Jackson Madnick


See Tear Mender on the Grommet

Our Grommet experience was just like a great date! We're sad that it's was such fun. Glad that we were together in this endeavor. All the best to the entire Grommet Team.
Jerry Cismoski


See Gazelle on the Grommet

You guys did a fantastic job with the video - we had our all-hands meeting today and played the segment to the entire team. Thank you! It's also been driving great traffic to the site. Plus, 18 comments and counting - which is a great source of feedback. You clearly have a group of followers who CARE!
Israel Ganot


See Pacific Shaving Company on the Grommet

From start to finish, I felt completely confident being in the good hands of the Daily Grommet team. I will continue to be a vocal advocate of your company and team whenever the opportunity presents itself. I've decided I won't stop until either (A) I have more Daily Grommet features than Alec Baldwin does SNL hosting gigs (currently 9) or (B) I send you enough Grommet ideas to warrant an honorary Chief Grommet Finder business card (unless of course, someone else already has that, in which case a Sr. Director title will do ;) Here's to your continued success.
Stan Ades

Great Burial Reef

See Great Burial Reef on the Grommet

We are flattered beyond measure to have been selected to be a Grommet, and we believe, like many of your Grommets, that we are nestled among like-minded, progressive thinking people, and couldn't be happier with this new association. You and your team did a masterful job telling our story and those of our industry friends, and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with you, and with the Grommet marketplace.
Jason Rew, President and Founder, Great Burial Reef

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