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Compleat FoodBag

Silicone Lunch Bag


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Reusable lunch bag that keeps food fresh and protected and rolls up compactly for easy cleanup when your meal is over.

  • Made of 100% food grade silicone
  • Metal snap
  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be microwaved when top is open
  • Reusable
  • Easily rolls up and packs away after use
  • Sturdy, so you can fill it with anything -- sandwiches, fruit, or pasta
  • Rolls down and secures with the strap
  • To use, place food into bag, squeeze top together, roll down like a traditional paper lunch bag, and secure by snapping the attached belt into place to keep contents fresh
  • Rolls into a short cylinder measuring 1.6" in diameter
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Open: 5.9" L x 3.35" W x 7" H / Closed: 5.9" L x 3.35" W x 5.7" H

34 Reviews (3.6 out of 5 Grommets)


Disappointed with size

by for Silicone Lunch Bag

Love the color. Disappointed with the size, it is VERY small. I can't use it for lunch for work as it won't fit what I'm taking. Wouldn't buy again because of the size, it's not very useful.



by for Silicone Lunch Bag

Superb design, good looking , better than bento boxes as it goes from fridge to microwave, looks great n the process. The snap is a bit difficult to unsnap, but securely fastens, no spills.
I take it into. Restaurants as my own doggie bag, and save trees..they can keep their foam and cordboard go-boxes. I'm buying another one in a different color.


Wish it was bigger

by for Silicone Lunch Bag

I was excited to receive my new lunch tote. The quality is excellent. My ony issue is that the bag is not tall enough to hold my sandwich and an additional item. There is just room for the sandwich or a small container. It was also challenging to get my sandwich inside the bag because it was in a ziplock bag. It was kind of sticking to the sides of the bag (made of nice rubber) It's too bad.


very nice but too small

by for Silicone Lunch Bag

great concept but needs to be sized to fit the need


lunch bag came with snap broken

by for Silicone Lunch Bag

unfortunately one of the two that I ordered came with the button broken. Now what? I ordered these for my two grandchildren. I guess I will have to throw it away rather than return it for the price of postage....not worth it!

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Compleat FoodBag - Silicone Lunch Bag

About Compleat FoodBag

Bagged Lunch

It’s lunchtime, and while you may not be dining at a fancy restaurant, you can still eat in style with the Compleat FoodBag. Designed by Norwegian based UnIkia, a company that specializes in solving people’s everyday problems, the FoodBag is a unique and practical way to store, seal and eat your lunch.

Unlike paper bags or traditional lunch boxes, Compleat FoodBag is made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone, and shaped like a small carry-all. Flexible, yet sturdy you can pack it with a sandwich and snack, or fill with pasta and microwave, then eat it right out of the bag. Easy to clean, these
waterproof sacks rinse in a sink at work or school, or wash safely in the dishwasher at home.

When not in use, this flexible bag rolls up to a compact 1.5 inches, perfect for storing in a tote or briefcase. In a selection of bright colors, it even multitasks as a makeup or toiletry case.

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