Whiskey Wedge

By Corkcicle

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The Whiskey Wedge creates an intriguing wedge of ice inside its specially designed tumbler. Keep your favorite drink cool—both in temperature and in appearance—as the ice block melts slowly.

  • Materials: Lead-free glass, BPA-free silicone
  • Care: Wash before use. Dishwasher safe
  • Large, slow-melting "wedge" of ice designed to retain your drink's full flavor and melt much slower than small cubes
  • Artful way to perfectly chill, but not water down, your favorite spirits
  • How to use: Place silicone form over top of glass, fill with water up to "fill line," store flat in freezer for 4 hours or more, remove silicone from glass, fill with favorite spirit and enjoy
  • Includes: 1 double-old fashioned whiskey glass and 1 silicone form for the perfect wedge
  • Please note: Do not run under hot water after removing from freezer. Do not refreeze if glass has been cracked or damaged
  • Capacity: 9 fl. oz.
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 4" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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hefty glass

12/20/2015 by Laura

Nice solid glass for the scotch drinker in my life. Hope he is as impressed as I am with the quality and weight of the glass, and that it satisfies the rocks experience he looks for.More > < Less


Great Gift!

12/14/2015 by Jenny

Bought 2 as a gift for some friends....they were a great success!


Fantastic Gift

12/14/2015 by David

I bought 2 of these innovative glasses for myself a few months ago. After using them I decided they are a great gift. I've used them a few times using cranberry juice as the wedge then adding vodka. Fantastic!More > < Less


Whiskey Wedge

11/12/2015 by Denise

What a SUPER idea! This is a Christmas gift for one of my brothers-in-law. It's a FABULOUS idea, and he'll LOVE it.............as well as make GOOD use of it!More > < Less



11/6/2015 by Barbara

Beautiful packaging! Perfect for a birthday gift

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Make the ice cube obsolete.

About Corkcicle

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Independent barware business Corkcicle was featured on The Grommet from its very first innovations. One was a reusable cork that chills wine and the Chillsner, an in-bottle beer chiller.

Founder Ben Hewitt was confused why no one had trumped the ice bucket as a wine-cooling device. He started tooling around with a way to chill the bottle from the inside, then showed the first prototype to pal (and ultimate Co-founder) Stephen Bruner. Stephen encouraged him to keep iterating; they teamed up with third Co-founder Eric Miller, and Corkcicle came to life.

Their initial ideas were so well received that Corkcicle has continued to grow. Each year, they create more ways for drink enthusiasts to keep their favorite beverages cold. Or serve them with style. Or open them with barely any effort. Whatever your drink of choice, Corkcicle has a unique way to enjoy it even more.