Dual-USB Charging Station

By Couchlet

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This couch phone charger has two USB ports to power up devices in the most convenient spot—right on the sofa. The wedge-shaped design fits into crevices between cushions (it works under a mattress, too), so there’s no more reaching or stretching the cable, or awkwardly pretzel-ing yourself to use your phone while it charges.

  • Materials: Thermoplastic polymer, electrical components
  • Includes Couchlet with 2 USB outlets and 6-foot cable
  • Instructions for use: Fold out arm and slide under mattress or between cushions
  • Wedge-shaped design fits between/under cushions or mattresses and box springs
  • Fold-out arm gives extra stability
  • Detachable 6-foot USB cable that uses wall AC outlets for power
  • Two USB outlets for multiple devices
  • Super-slim and lightweight
  • Low voltage, just as safe as regular charging cords
  • Charging power is split in half if two devices are plugged in
  • Please note: Does not come with USB/AC plug adapter
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2.07" x 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.14 lb.

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So Functional!


I was skeptical about how much I would use this, but since free shipping was offered, I made the decision. I have never regretted it. I can keep it tucked into the couch cushion and keep my phone plugged in while I play my daily games. It was worth it!More > < Less


USB port


Charging port easy to use and very convenient


Use it every day


This is so convenient to use in evenings as I watch TV. I use my phone during the day for work so the battery is always low by the time I get home. So nice to have this charger close by, but out of sight. Nice to have dual outlets so I can charge my phone and iPad at the same time. Highly recommend.More > < Less


He loved it!


Wonderful birthday present for my son!


Great charger!


I am loving this charger. I have it in my living room couch tucked between the seat cushion and the arm rest. I can plug in my iPad and use it while I watch tv. I often just leave it there overnight to charge. I took it on a recent trip and it was so handy for charging both my iPad and iPhone at the same time whether in a motel room, at a friend’s place or even in our camper. It’s a great product!More > < Less

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Netflix and charge . . . your phone.

About Couchlet

Couch Charger

This couch phone charger (which works under a mattresses, too) avoids the awkward “using the phone while it’s charging in the wall” maneuver. Chris Hawker created Couchlet to wedge itself, discreetly, into crevices in sofas or beds.

The dual USB charger slips into position—like between cushions, or in that just-right spot between the mattress and box spring—making it easy to charge and lounge at the same time.

It has a fold-out leg for extra stability and a 6-foot cable, making it easier to reach the wall outlet and wherever is your perfect charging spot.