• Premium Beer Making Kit
  • Premium Beer Making Kit
  • Premium Beer Making Kit

Craft a Brew

Premium Beer Making Kit


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Craft a Brew is a DIY home beer brewing kit that will make outstanding craft beer right out of the box. It is designed to allow customers to make the best possible beer in their own kitchen on their first attempt. The premium brewing kits use only 100% malt extract, world-class specialty grains, fresh hops, and high quality yeast: everything you need to create great tasting beer.

Each Starter Beer Brewing Kit includes:

  • 1-gallon glass carboy
  • Funnel
  • Food grade tubing with thumb clamp
  • Thermometer
  • Rubber Stopper
  • 3-piece airlock
  • Curved racking cane (for bottling your beer)
  • Our Guide to Craft Brewing
  • Hefeweizen Recipe Kit: Malt extract, brewers grains, hops (Tettnang), yeast (Safbrew wb-06 dry yeast), sanitizer and brewing bag.
  • American Pale Ale Recipe Kit: (Malt extract, brewers grains, hops, yeast, sanitizer and a brewing bag)

Accessories (Listed below as "Related"):

Capping Kit: No more searching for those precious flip top bottles, now you can use any ‘pry off’ bottles, so keep your empties and fill em' with homebrew! The Capping Kit includes a Bag of Caps (enough for 5 batches) and an Italian hand capper.

Fermometer:  This stick on thermometer gives accurate reading of your fermenting temperatures. Just stick-on, look for the 'greenest' temperature reading and you have a good idea if your beer is fermenting at the correct temperature range.

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Brewing is now a hobby

by for Premium Beer Making Kit

I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift and now he has become a full time brewing hobbyist.

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Craft a Brew - Premium Beer Making Kit

About Craft a Brew

Homebrewing 101

Beer lovers, Kyle Westfall wants to turn you into beer brewers. If you’ve got a stovetop, a pot, and some empty beer bottles, his DIY kit contains everything you need to make outstanding craft beer in the comfort of your own kitchen.

After trying many home brewing kits, Kyle wanted to raise the bar. His goal was to create a kit that enabled the same basic processes that professional craft brewers use, with the same quality ingredients, but at a price that’s accessible to everyday beer drinkers. After two years of home brewing, followed by months of recipe testing and refining, Craft a Brew was

Six recipe kits are available: Chocolate Milk Stout, The OG (orange golden), Smooth Brown Ale, Hefeweizen, American Pale Ale, and Oak Aged IPA. Each starter kit includes the ingredients you need plus a one-gallon glass carboy, funnel, tubing, thermometer, rubber stopper, airlock, curved racking cane (for bottling your beer), and Kyle’s guide to craft brewing. A kit makes one gallon of beer, or the equivalent of 10-12 bottles. Craft a Brew also offers optional accessories including a capping kit, hop straining bag, fermometer (for reading fermenting temperatures), and a mini auto-siphon.

If you’ve always wanted to be your own brewmaster, Craft a Brew can help you make the leap from beer drinking to beer brewing.

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