Glass Cleaning Tool

By The Magnetic Spot Scrubber

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Reach difficult to clean areas that no brush or sponge can access.

  • Materials: Knob: ABS; Scrubber: TPR N35 magnet
  • Care: Hand rinse; dishwasher not recommended
  • Soft rubber scrubber won't scratch glass
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.6" x 1.2" x 1.2"
  • Weight: 0.09 lb.

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What a great invention!

6/22/2015 by Jill

I love the idea of this. I haven't used mine yet, but it does have a very strong magnet. This is a great for cleaning anything with too narrow of a neck to get my hand into. better contact on the side too than a bottle brush.More > < Less



6/3/2015 by Becky

This was perfect for cleaning my hummingbird feeders. I have all shapes an sizes and did not have a problem with any of them. In fact, I'm going to order 2 more!More > < Less


Really cool!

4/13/2015 by Joseph

I have to admit, I was REALLY skeptical about this product at first, but after receiving it, I'm totally amazed! I thought there no way it would actually work, but the magnet it's so strong that it really holds tight to scrub the inside of glass bottles, glasses, vases, etc. that would normally be hard to reach. I tested it in our coffee pot, just to see if it was strong enough to scrub even coffee residue/stains, and it is! This is really cool, and I recommend that everyone buy one, even if you might not need one right away, because you never know when you might! Plus, it's just REALLY cool! Hahaha!More > < Less


Great Idea

4/4/2015 by James

I have only used it once, on a very difficult, odd-shaped vase similarto the one in the picture and it did the job.



3/25/2015 by Mary

I would give it 10 stars! I have a full sized garment steamer that has a 12"x12" square tank, with only a tiny opening to fill & dispense the water. After a year of use, the mineral deposits were pretty bad. I have tried every way possible to dissolve them, but hardly a difference. I happened upon this item & it was the answer to my problems! I can't believe no one has made this before; I'm telling all my friends :)More > < Less

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The Magnetic Spot Scrubber - Glass Cleaning Tool

About The Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Sparkle and Shine

It’s difficult to keep glass vases, flasks, decanters, and narrow necked bottles crystal clear. Often delicate in nature and uniquely shaped, the hard-to-reach spots present a distinct cleaning challenge, especially if there are mineral build ups, water marks, or wine stains.

The Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber handles those tough areas with a soft silicone scrubber that won’t scratch glass. Just drop the magnetic scrubbing disk into any vessel filled with soap and water, then gently move it around with a secondary magnetic knob. Using this little tool means no harsh chemicals are needed and your glass sparkles and shines.

Compact and easy to store, this ingenious device works as easy as 1, 2, clean.