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Growing your own herbs is less intimidating than you might think, even if you’re a novice gardener. They’re easy to cultivate, and you don’t need a big investment in time or acreage. Plus, drawing from your own herb supply is more economical than buying bunches at the grocery store. How many times have you bought fresh herbs for a recipe then wound up tossing the leftovers after they wilted in the crisper?

With terra cotta pots and self-watering reservoirs, Cult Design makes it easy to start your own garden right
in your kitchen. The Evergreen pots are designed for growing herb plants. Simply keep the lower section filled with water, and a felt strip sucks up water like a wick and allows a plant to absorb all the water it needs. Likewise, for shoots and sprouts, Grow Green is a system of terracotta boxes atop a water-filled base. Pour the seeds into their own terra cotta sections, and in about one week, you can harvest vitamin- and mineral-rich sprouts for salads and sandwiches.

Co-founded by Swedish designer Marita Lord, Cult Design inspires us to bring farming to the kitchen counter. For recipes, teas, essential oils and more, you’ve got herbs and sprouts within arm’s reach. It doesn’t get more local than that.
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Cult Design - Kitchen Farming
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Marita

    We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our Kitchen Farming concept as a feature on the The Grommet. Eating healthy, nutritious and organic is very close to our hearts in Sweden as we all try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our small terra cotta growing planters provide a unique and very good place to grow sprouts, alfa-alfa, herbs, etc. right in the kitchen. Terra cotta has been used for thousands of years as a storing material for food or drinks, so by using this natural material we brought back old fashion material to everyday function in a fun, timeless design. Mothers are all concerned about the well-being of their families, now you can add some healthy, organic and nutritious well-being to Mom in time for Mother's day.

  • Mimi
    5/8/2013 12:12 PM

    Hi there,

    Can you use your own seeds or do you have to buy proprietary seeds?

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 12:21 PM




    You can use you own. Cult Design do not sell any seed.

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 1:57 PM


    In US you can buy organic seed from

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 12:19 PM

    Hi, everyone!

    Since I started to develope the Grow green sprout box my own life has changed. While testing the product during the developing process ( to make it as efficient as possible) I produced soooo many sprouts and me and our office people needed to eat them up. Suddenly my life become more healthy./ Marita Lord

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 12:43 PM


    When we have used the terracotta material for Green Farm you only need to rinse the sprouts one time every day. If you use glass or plastic containers you need to rince 2-3 times to avoid mould.

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 2:03 PM


    Sorry I wrote Green farm but meant of course the sprout box Grow green.

  • Lyn
    5/8/2013 12:26 PM

    I'd like to see the measurements on this small pots. My windowsill is narrow. Thanks.

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 12:37 PM


    The small pot is 8 cm x 8 cm. Hight without herb plant is 19 cm.

  • Michael
    5/8/2013 1:33 PM

    @Marita That is 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" and 7 1/2" high.

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 1:48 PM


    You use inch in US. Size is 3,2 inch x 3,2 inch x 7,5 inch high.

  • Megan
    5/8/2013 1:04 PM

    Are the herb pots hydroponic, or do you add your own potting soil?

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 1:14 PM


    You use organic soil if you plant seed in them and will start from scratch. You can also buy herb plant in the super market and in that case you get rid of the plastic pot and move the plant including the soil it the terracotta container. One time evry week you fill water in the white water reservoir.

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 1:15 PM


    The Grow green for producing sprouts is hydrophonic, of course.

  • ellyn
    5/8/2013 1:38 PM

    hi. can you tell me what are the best herbs to grow in these pots. can i do mint, basil etc or only sprouts?

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 1:54 PM


    The Evergreen pots are suitable for any herb plant. You use soil in the terracotta container.Mint and basil are perfect.You can buy the fresh herb in the supermarket and keep it growing or plant seed and wait until it grow to a plant.

    For making sprouts you should use the Grow green. It works hydrophonic without soil. You rinse the seed, beans one time every day. After 4-7 days they are ready to eat and enjoy your own vegetables.

  • lesley
    5/8/2013 2:52 PM

    Can I plant grown plants or do they have to be seeds?

  • Marita
    Marita – Special Guest
    5/8/2013 3:03 PM


    My idea came from that I bought fresh herb plants in the supermarket during the week and when I should cook at the weekend they were dead because I had forgotten to give the plant water every day!!! Now you fill water in the white reservoir and the herb keep fresh at least one week. After that you have cooked you maybe have half of leavs left and you can keep them to next time you need fresh herbs. Only remember to give water one time every week. Normal case you need to water herbs every day and this is easy to forget.

  • Laureta
    5/9/2013 8:21 AM

    What are the dimensions of the herb pots? I have a shallow window sill.

  • Amy
    Amy – Grommet Team
    5/9/2013 10:42 AM


    Hi Laureta,

    There are 3 sizes for these. You can find the information on each size's specific dimensions when you click on "shop" which is an orange button directly on each picture. I've detailed the sizes below for you.

    For the large pot:


    For the small pair of pots:

    12x10x8in each

    For the Grow Green Terracotta pots:

    17.25x11.25x8in each

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