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Cheese Board - Dark Blue

By David Rasmussen

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This custom cheese board is crafted out of hearty walnut wood by David Rasmussen Designs in Colorado. The included cheese knife fits snugly into the board, and a magnet keeps it in place. David is a trained furniture maker with a Scandinavian flair, who has started making these affordable houseware pieces for everyday use.

  • Made in the USA: Carbondale, CO
  • Materials: Solid Walnut, Stainless Steel knife
  • Care: Hand Wash only with soap and water - do not immerse in water for more than a few seconds
  • Each board is finished with food safe, ultra durable oil that ensures years of maintenance free use
  • Cheese knife is magnetic and fits perfectly in its niche
  • To maintain finish, periodically use mineral oil. Apply, let soak in for 10 minutes, and wipe off excess with dry cloth
  • Tray is designed for cutting cheese and serving it
  • Natural or painted trim for a unique look
  • Dimensions: 8.75" x 14" x 0.625"
  • Weight: 1.67 lbs.
David Rasmussen Design - Walnut Kitchen Boards

About David Rasmussen

Modern Design

David Rasmussen handcrafts beautiful kitchen boards in his Colorado studio. Made of hearty walnut wood, these handsome, durable pieces retain the wood’s delicious scent. David highlights the natural, rich patterns with a stain, then paints the edges with a pop of contrasting color.

An experienced custom furniture Maker, David is a rare breed who designs pieces and then builds them himself. His specialty is modern furniture with clean, Scandinavian attributes, and you can see that influence in his housewares.

David branched out from furniture after his original studio burned down. Fans funded a Kickstarter campaign to get him back in business. Admirably, David saw it as a new beginning and added housewares to his repertoire, letting his art reach a wider audience.

Look for the distinguished David Rasmussen logo branded into the back of each board. It’s a mark of the care and commitment behind David’s work.