Moldable Earphones

By Decibullz

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Dip these moldable earphones in hot water and shape them for your ear until they’re a perfect fit. They’re sound isolating and snuggle up to the inside of your ear—staying put even when you run or jump.

  • Materials: Molds: Thermoplastic; Earphone: Machined metal
  • Includes one set of customizable molds (left & right), contour earphones, silicone canal tips in S/M/L, protective carrying case, and instructions
  • Single button remote/microphone
  • Machined metal earphones
  • Remoldable
  • Sweat-proof and water-resistant
  • Molds Made in the USA; electronics Made in China
  • Dimensions: Cord Length: 46"; Travel Case: 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 0.3 lb.

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Almost flawless!


Bottom line: 9.5 out of 10 (no other buds I've ever owned would I rate above an 8...) ~ So, I'd purchased these expecting good things: whatecting good things: what I got was better than I'd hoped...but it took a little while living with them to get the point.

The buds themselves are above-average in quality (good bass, smart length and good feel for the cords [these cords suck least-badly of ANY I've owned], decent mic, good feel to the phone call answer/disconnect button, etc.). However, I was initially annoyed by the fit of the buds - the molded sections didn't fit snugly against my outer ears once the material cooled. The resulting gap allowed outside noise to rob the buds of bass. Not good.

At one point about a month ago (I've now had them for about two months), I selected the next larger size for the tips. Doing so solved two issues, but created one more (albeit VERY livable).

Firstly - and critically - the larger tips ABSOLUTELY cured the problem with the bass, which I now hear as fuller (dense, but without drowning out the rest of the music) than any other I've experienced.

Secondly, the larger tips actually changed the fit of the buds. With the smaller tips, I'd expected for the tips to provide the fit, and the molds to provide noise-cancelling. With the larger size, the tips provide the majority of the fit AND the noise-cancelling, and the molded piece acts as a barely-noticeable backup to the fit (comfortably keeps the buds in place - these do NOT move in my ear canals).

My ONLY "complaint" at this point (and again, it's only an issue after 3+ hours of continuous use), is that the larger tips are more snug than I'd like. (I know it might seem like hair-splitting, but I use my buds a LOT.)
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A big disappointment


I was excited when I received my headphones. The molding and customizing went well. Unfortunately, the first day I used them, I noticed the noticed the sound quality was poor when I compared them to an inexpensive pair of Sony headphones I have. The sound was not even to both ears. The next day when I tried them, the right earphone did not work at all.

I returned them to Grommet for a refund. I cannot recommend them. A great idea, but a poor product. Earphones first must have great sound, then fit properly.
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How’s your ear shaped? These earphones will fit.

About Decibullz

Custom Earbuds

Every pair of Decibullz is different. These moldable earphones can be customized to fit any ear just right.

Dip the thermo-plastic earpiece in hot water, then mold them to comfortably match your ears. Re-do, if necessary. You’ll have an earphone that fits and that won’t fall when you run, jog, bounce, or even cartwheel.

In fact, Maker and gymnastics coach Kyle Kirkpatrick wanted all-terrain earphones that’d stay put even while jumping off a trampoline. Kyle went on to invent the first pair of custom fit earphones.

He has expanded beyond regular earphones to Bluetooth ones, and noise-blocking earplugs—all of which secure to your ear and isolate sounds. Each pair of Decibullz is tailored just for you.