Moldable Earplug

By Decibullz

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Dip these moldable earplugs in hot water and shape them until they’re a perfect fit for your ear. Re-do, if necessary. They fit so well that they won’t fall out when you run, jog, bounce, or cartwheel.

  • Made in the USA: Fort Collins, CO
  • Materials: Thermoplastic
  • Includes: Two customizable molds, three sets of triple flange tips in S/M/L, one set of max protect foam tips, carrying pouch, and instructions
  • Remoldable
  • Great for concerts, travel, swimming, and musicians
  • Dimensions: Travel Pouch: 3" x 3" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.15 lb.

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Great Multi Use!!


These things are great! I use them several different ways I purchased the earplugs and I adapted my own Bluetooth headphones to them, not to take away from the Decibullz brand headphones I'm sure they are great. I also shoot firearms competitively and they double as hearing protection with just minimal change. Just follow the instructions carefully and you will get a high end custom molded set of headphones/earplugs. I'm glad I made the purchase.More > < Less


Worked as advertised


I used the instructions and they made great molds. I used them for a set of wireless headphones and they sound great. They also make a kit for headphones but it was almost 1 1/2 times as much money.. Very happy with purchase.More > < Less


no better than the others


I had a lot of hope for these well-presented moldable earplugs. Very clear instructions, all the required pieces, etc. They do certainly mold to your ear 'bowl'. The problem is that the silicon material is soft and pliable when you heat it for the fitting process, but of course it hardens once you let it set. And that mass of hardened material does NOT absorb sound. It simply holds the little silicon insert tips (one foam pair also supplied) and it's those that do the sound absorbing. Frankly, it's not appreciably better than just using the little silicon tips by themselves.

If someone could design the big blob of moldable material to be something sound absorbing, then you'd have a really good set of ear plugs.
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How’s your ear shaped? These earphones will fit.

About Decibullz

Custom Earbuds

Every pair of Decibullz is different. These moldable earphones can be customized to fit any ear just right.

Dip the thermo-plastic earpiece in hot water, then mold them to comfortably match your ears. Re-do, if necessary. You’ll have an earphone that fits and that won’t fall when you run, jog, bounce, or even cartwheel.

In fact, Maker and gymnastics coach Kyle Kirkpatrick wanted all-terrain earphones that’d stay put even while jumping off a trampoline. Kyle went on to invent the first pair of custom fit earphones.

He has expanded beyond regular earphones to Bluetooth ones, and noise-blocking earplugs—all of which secure to your ear and isolate sounds. Each pair of Decibullz is tailored just for you.