Farm-to-Table Coffee

By THRIVE Farmers Coffee

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Artisan quality, estate grown, single origin coffee, and coffee blends.

  • Whole-bean bags of estate grown, high-quality coffee
  • Roasted in the USA, coffee beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 8" x 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 0.75 lb.
Wild Rooster Espresso:
  • Materials: Whole coffee beans
  • Sun-dried, washed
  • Dark roast
  • Beans sourced from Costa Rica and Guatemala
  • Cupping notes: This coffee offers a light acidity with a hint of bitter dark chocolate and balanced with a sweet cherry finish. For optimal enjoyment, brew with espresso equipment, or a French Press
La Esperanza:
  • Materials: Whole coffee beans
  • Sun-dried, washed
  • Medium roast
  • Beans sourced from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras
  • Cupping notes: This coffee is medium-bodied with sweetness balanced with a touch of acidity, perfect as a breakfast companion or enjoyed as a mid-afternoon treat to lift your spirit

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This coffee is so flavorful, rich and delicious. It's my favorite flavor now and I now order a months supply each 30 days!


Great Tasting


The coffee was very good I must say. I like to grind my own beans for fresh coffee and this was a good choice. I also like the process of making sure the growers are well compensated for there product.More > < Less


great coffee


really good coffee, was delivered promptly. Grommet was great as always


DeCaf por favor!


You pulled me in with the "more than fair trade" aspect of the coffee, but then you got me with the wonderful flavor of all 3 varieties. Now, I have to go to that dark place of asking if there is ANY possibility of getting these farmers (or their roasters) to make a decaf selection? Though I love my coffee, caffeine does not like me. I want to support your efforts in paying the farmers a living wage so please consider my request. BTW, used drip filters to make mine perfectly.More > < Less


Delicious coffee!


I was reluctant at first to try these coffee beans because I am, well, persnickety about my coffee. Sooooo glad I bought all three to try. I used a drip coffee maker and each of these flavors were absolutely delicious!!! Even the espresso was just as advertised -- not too strong and very tasty. Perhaps each of the flavors would be even better in a french press as recommended, but it's so great that a plain 'ole drip pot still brings out the enticing aroma and excellent fresh flavor of the beans. --I did have difficulty opening the vacuum sealed bags with my hands. I ended up cutting the top down to the adhesive but then still tore the bag raggedly pulling it open, "spilling the beans" ( pun intended)! Weighing the need for a vacuum seal that preserves freshness with ease of opening the bag, I guess I'd opt for freshness. Will order again!!More > < Less

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THRIVE Coffee - Direct from the Farmer

About THRIVE Farmers Coffee

A Better Brew

THRIVE Farmers Coffee is brewing a new approach to selling coffee. Their model gives farmers a central role in the supply chain, which means better coffee for consumers and a better quality of life for the growers.

The idea came from THRIVE’s two founders: Kenneth Lander, a retired trial lawyer who moved with his family to a coffee farm in Costa Rica and Michael Jones, an entrepreneur whose father-in-law is a long-time Blue Mountain coffee farmer in Jamaica.

In their own way, both of the founders realized that coffee farmers were missing the action, and they envisioned a more profitable system that has farmers involved from seed to cup—including growing, harvesting, milling, roasting, and selling coffee. Their model protects the economic interests of the farmers, who can earn 10 times what they might make in a fair-trade model, and it lets consumers buy straight from the source.

THRIVE works with estate farmers in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The farmers consign a portion of their harvest to THRIVE, and in return, the farmers gain access to local processing and logistics resources and they share in at least half of the final sales price. The farmers gain direct access to the marketplace, which gives them a vested interest in the quality of their crops. It’s a win for farmers and a win for consumers, who gain a great cup of joe.