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Make high quality, small batch gin at home. Ready in 36 hours, this makes a great weekend DIY project for yourself or a unique gift for a gin loving friend.

  • Kit includes: Two 12.6 oz. glass bottles, double mesh fine strainer, funnel, instructions, and spice tins with juniper berries, and a proprietary blend of botanical spices
  • Botanicals include: Coriander, rosemary, lavender, rose hips, allspice, fennel seed, lemon peel, green cardamom, tellicherry black pepper, bay leaf
  • Comes with everything you need. Only requires a 25 oz. bottle of vodka
  • Produces 25.36 oz. of your own homemade gin
  • Does not require distilling; simply let botanical oils and flavors infuse into the vodka for 36 hours, strain, and enjoy
  • Product intended for those 21 years of age and older
  • Bottles made in Italy. Kit manufactured in Arlington, VA
  • Dimensions: 14" x 10" x 6"
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

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12/19/2013 by karen

I like gin. But THIS gin is divine!! The botanicals make a heavenly bathtub brew. I bought this to share with a friend, also a gin lover, and we could not believe the difference between store-bought and home-made. WE'RE HOOKED!
Super easy and everything you need to make your own gin is included.
One criticism: the amount of gin you can make with this kit is very small.... and I want to share it with all my guests, but find myself hoarding my stash. I wish it made more! I'm gonna track down the website and see if just the botanicals are available. Cheers!
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12/3/2015 by Wayne

This was fun, and it made OK gin, but it is rough straight.


OK -- not great

3/10/2014 by Jo Ann

You are really making infused vodka with this kit. It made an interesting and very, very herbal gin. The kit is pretty expensive for what you get.More > < Less



2/2/2014 by sara

I purchased the Gin kit as a birthday gift for my sister who is a Gin fan. I haven't given it to her yet so don't know her take on it, but I opened it and was a bit disappointed...I think It looks better online than when you get it..it's just a couple of flip top bottles and 2 very small tins one of juniper berries and one of "botanicals" doesn't really seem worth the price to me but we'll see how it goes when the gift recipient opens it!More > < Less



5/16/2018 by Maribeth

The kit was a lot of fun to play with, but wouldn't get it again.

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HomeMade Gin Kit - DIY Gin Kit

About The HomeMade Gin Kit

Raise the Bar

If the thought of making gin at home conjures images of Prohibition-era bathtub distilleries, have no fear. With the HomeMade Gin Kit, you can make a small batch of gin at home without costly (or illegal) distilling equipment. All you need is the kit and a bottle of vodka.

Joe Maiellano and Jack Hubbard, two self-described alcohol enthusiasts from Washington, D.C., created the HomeMade Gin Kit. Joe and Jack thought about starting their own distillery, but decided that teaching people to make gin was more doable and equally inspiring.

In just 36 hours, you can transform vodka into gin. The key to the transformation is juniper berries, which give gin its distinctive flavor. After the juniper, the HomeMade Gin Kit adds carefully selected spices, botanicals, flowers and aromatics to round out the flavor and create a subtle, fragrant spirit.

The kit comes with all the herbs and spices you need, plus a strainer, funnel, and two glass bottles for storing the gin. For yourself or a favorite mixologist, the HomeMade Gin Kit is the ultimate science kit for grownups who like to imbibe. It’s creative, educational, and totally enjoyable.