UV Shoe Dryer & Sanitizer

By Dr. Dry

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Soggy sneakers, boots, and other shoes have met their quick-drying match. In around four hours, this electric shoe dryer dries out wet shoes—even ski boots—while the integrated UV light combats odor-causing bacteria.

  • Materials: Plastic, integrated UV light, electronics
  • Integrated UV light kills bacteria and helps neutralize odors caused by sweat & bacteria
  • Unique design with built-in fan enables steady air circulation throughout shoe
  • Hybrid fan and heater will cut drying time to less than 4 hours (in most cases)
  • Uses a PTC heater, making it safe and reliable for everyday use
  • The heater is regulated at a steady 167 degrees Fahrenheit and will not damage footwear or burn
  • Great for boots, ski boots, sneakers, liners, gloves and more
  • Both dryers are powered by one cord. Uses a standard 110v AC outlet
  • Please read instructions before use
  • Please note: Length of the shoe dryer is less than 8 inches and will fit most shoe sizes
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 0.8 lb.

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Treat your shoes right


Found this item is great on keeping “sports” shoes dry and mold free. And no smell free
Great for golf shoes


great product!


Works so well. Glad I got it. Not only does a great job drying but keeps it smelling much better too.


Crazy impressed!


I bought these for my husband, as he has very sweaty and stinky work boots! We have tried almost everything and they still smell. I bought these, we placed it in his shoes. Within a few hours... they were dry and odor free! I am crazy impressedMore > < Less


This works!


I bought this for my grandson who has problems with his shoes staying damp and then having odor. My daughter told me that this really works to dry his shoes and that they don't have the bad odor they used to have. Try it!More > < Less


Love this product!


This item does exactly what it says. It does leave a strange smell - but that goes away quickly. It does dry out shoes well! Of course, you can't tell about the light destroying germs - just gotta' trust that part.....And the customer service is great- they will work with you if you ever have any issues.More > < Less

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The RX for a case of wet, smelly shoes.

About Dr. Dry

Freshen Up

This electric shoe dryer and deodorizer dries out sneakers, shoes, and even ski boots while fighting odor-causing bacteria, too.

Each shoe-shaped dryer has a built-in fan that helps circulate the hot air, drying shoes in about four hours (much faster than air drying!). Plus, a UV light deodorizes and disinfects the inside by thwarting odor-causing bacteria. It’s much more effective and a lot quieter than using a clothes dryer.

After an appointment with Dr. Dry, your kicks will be dried out, and smelling cleaner, too.