Scrubbing Pads For Drill - Set of 4

By Drill Brushes

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With a scrubbing pad for drill attachment, you can power up tough cleaning jobs to get them done faster and better. This set of pads (two soft, two regular) fits on your power drill to do all the scrubbing work on surfaces like a glass stove top, shower door, or paneling, for you.

  • Materials: Polypropylene nylon, plastic, steel
  • Includes: One drill attachment disk with four replacement pads (two soft and two regular scrubbers)
  • Instructions: Attach drill pads to disk, attach disk to cordless drill, and apply product to disk before engaging drill. Slowly engage drill and begin cleaning
  • Drill design allows for fast and efficient scrubbing
  • Compatible with any cordless household drill
  • Great for deep cleaning or scrubbing glass stove tops, baseboard, grout lines, shower doors, and paneling
  • For ages 13+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Each: 1" x 4" diameter
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.

About Drill Brushes

Scrubbing Power

Drill Brushes do scrubbing jobs faster—and probably better—than you. (No offense.) How? These scrubbing brushes and pad attachments are powered by a drill, not your arm.

There are brushes suited for tough work like cleaning brick, grout, and linoleum, or you can opt for a rounded design to really get into corners. Go for a brush with softer bristles to handle jobs on carpet and upholstery, or try a scrubbing pad to tackle grime in places like the shower or on glass stovetops.

The scrubbing brushes and pads are efficient and effective alternatives to, you know, you, and using one sidesteps any potential repetitive motion strain triggered by tough cleaning jobs. All that, and it is oh-so-satisfying to see one in action.