World's Safest Earphones

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The earHero earphones are the "worlds safest" earphone. Listen to your favorite music from any player and still safely hear the environment around you. Small and discreet, they can be comfortably worn for hours on end.

  • Made with micro-speaker specifically designed and used for the human auditory system—the same technology found in hearing aids
  • Developed by a Clinical Audiologist, patent pending technology
  • Minimalist—wires are virtually undetectable
  • So comfortable, the earpiece is barely noticeable
  • Speaker is small enough to fit inside the typical ear canal without blocking other sounds
  • Powerful enough to maintain high-quality sound
  • Includes carrying case
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 1" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.19 lb.

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I love my new earHero. I have small ears and it's very hard to find earphones to fit my ears. These are perfect, they're discreet and small. I can listen to my music or watch a video on my table. And still hear whats going on around me. And no more sore ears from earphones that are to big. Thank you for a wonderful product.More > < Less


Wow! What a sound


I just got my earHero. I had been using Sony headsets with my iPod for years. As a figure skater I would have to turn the volume all the way in order to hear my music on the ice. Now I can skate with the volume less than half and still get better sound than any of my previous headsts. Thanks muchMore > < Less


Worth the Price


It took a few tries to get the tiny speakers in place, but once you get the hang of it, they're a breeze. The have a nice sound and are almost invisible. I purchased the Bluetooth connector, now I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket. Great for work!More > < Less


fit for purpose


This was on my wish list and my 3 sons gave it to me for Father's Day. I've used the EH twice while riding my bike. The "old school" guys needed to take their ear pieces of to speak; I kept mine on. I'm happy with it.
Having something in-ear needs some getting used to. As the EH meets it's main objectives, it does feel very delicate ('need to handle with much care) and sound quality is not for those looking for that while exercising.
It is pricey. Like many things on the Grommet, I suppose this will be the case while there are not many alternatives.
More > < Less


works great


it is great. it doesn't look like much but it has a pretty good sound. not alot of bass, but it lets you enjoy music and outside surroundings. it was alittle awkward at first, but got used to "sticking it" in. it is hardly noticeable.More > < Less

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earHero - World's Safest Earphones

About earHero

Tune In, Not Out

Listening to music on noise-cancelling headphones often means shutting out the world around you. While that’s ok in some circumstances, it’s not safe when you’re biking, running, skiing or doing other activities that require situational awareness. A sophisticated headphone solution aims to solve that problem.

The earHero system uses miniature speakers that are tiny enough to fit into the ear canal but won’t block it, which means outside sounds can pass. Users can still hear sirens, horns, and even conversations while they’re listening to music. The system was designed by audiologist Matt Murphy, who went on a ski trip and realized skiers with ordinary headphones couldn’t hear what was going on around them. He started playing with hearing-aid components to create earHero’s tiny units, which have been widely adopted by government agencies and security personnel.

Minimalist and comfortable, earHero’s headphones can be worn for long periods without ear fatigue. They fit securely, so you won’t be constantly adjusting them during a run, for example. Noise-cancelling headphones tune out everything but your music. EarHero is different. You can tune into music without tuning out the world around you.