Silicone Egg Boiler

By Eggibles

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No more peeling hardboiled eggs, thanks to a silicone egg boiler that can handle making hardboiled egg whites, too. A little non-stick spray or cooking oil, six eggs (or whites) and this flexible, flat-bottom tray are all you need to boil up a quick-and-easy snack.

  • Materials: 100% FDA food grade BPA-free silicone
  • Care: Wash before first use, dishwasher safe
  • Instructions: Use nonstick spray or cooking oil on both top and bottom blue pieces to lightly coat interior. Crack up to six whole eggs or pour liquid egg whites into the mold. Place fully assembled Eggibles into empty large pot. Fill pot with water up to yellow cap line. Boil and then use tongs or spatula to safely remove from water. See full instructions for more detail and pictures
  • Includes bottom tray, top tray, and 6 yellow caps
  • Can boil up to 6 eggs at a time
  • Great for making cholesterol-free hard boiled egg whites
  • Add vegetables, bacon bits, or other desired ingredients to customize egg
  • Design stacks together for easy storage
  • For best results use with medium, large, or extra large eggs, or up to 2 fl. oz. liquid egg
  • Please note: Eggibles contains small pieces, keep out of reach of children. Boiled egg may have slight yellow tint in color if too much oil is used. Note that eggs with have a flat bottom due to the shape of the silicone mold
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 1.8"
  • Weight: 0.7 lb.

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Great eggs


This product far exceeds the little individual ones; I have used at least 5 times I got it and the eggs come out perfect. The yolks rise to the top of the container and the eggs look a little different but my husband is used to it now. I take eggs three times a week when I go to dialysis. Great protein. Happy I purchased this.More > < Less


An absolute God send!!!!


This product is wonderful!! For the past ten years I had to depend on others for help with peeling eggs due to losing my left arm in an accident.. so now I can finally have my favorite foods, deviled eggs and egg salad without pestering has made me really happy.More > < Less


One of a kind


I've used a couple different egg cookers a while back, however none come close to this. It is really one of a kind, from the design being all in one (opposed to many of individual pieces with the other products that don't work well), and overall effectiveness of making hard boiled eggs. I've used this so many times, it is like second nature to me now. First time, got a little getting used to, but definitely worth trying something new and will continue to make my hard boiled eggs with this.More > < Less


Hard boiled eggs made easy


Wonderful sellers. Had trouble with the mail and they took care of it immediately. Great product,


It actually works!!!


I have the other model that is advertised as over the place... they are the most frustrating things on the market. The design on this one isone is so much better.More > < Less

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About Eggibles

No More Peeling

Eggibles does the job of cooking hardboiled egg whites and whole eggs in one easy tool.

The flexible, 100% BPA-free silicone tray holds up to six eggs (or just the whites) for easier boiling—and eliminates the shell-peeling step. The pour-and-cook format lets you customize your eggs with tasty add-ins, too, like veggies or bacon. Non-stick spray or cooking oil is a must to pop the eggs out, and they’ll have a flat bottom, just like the boiler.

Maker Alex was on an egg-eating kick, but only ate the whites—and was over all the shell peeling that stood between him and his favorite snack. His simple solution streamlines the process and makes it easier to enjoy hardboiled eggs.