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The eTape16 is a digital tape measure that displays results as you measure. Quickly convert measurements to a variety of formats, calculate midpoints, and store results.

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, lithium battery, steel
  • Care: Wipe with cloth
  • Hold button: Retain your last measurement—eTape will blink, press hold again to release the measurement
  • Dual Memory (1 and 2 buttons on top of eTape): Press either button for 1 second to retain a measurement. Pull out the tape, press hold, then press 1 or 2 to retain, do again to retain second measurement
  • Blade lock: Ensures tape measure stays in place once pulled out OR does not open (child safety)
  • Midpoint button: Calculates the midpoint based on how far the tape has been pulled out (ex: 10" will show a 5" midpoint)
  • Rezero button: Press and hold for 3 seconds to reset the tape holdings
  • Arrows Button: Select inside (tape measure to the beginning of the case) or outside (includes the additional size of the case piece to the edge of what you measure) measurements
  • Also able to convert standard inches from feet or to the metric system in cm
  • Power saving—turn on by pulling out tape measure. Turns off by itself after five minutes not in use
  • Retraceable tape maxes out at 16 ft
  • Measures up to 0.06" accuracy
  • Made in Korea
  • Dimensions: 3" x 1.25" x 2.75", tape blade width is 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.58 lb.

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Great product


Great for adults and teens to use!


Digital tape measure


I gave the digital tape measure to my father-in-law for Christmas and it was his favorite thing he got. He said how helpful it will be to not count the inches with reading glasses. Great idea!More > < Less


Great deal


Unique & helpful


Best dad gift ever!


I gave this as a Christmas gift to my dad. In his 70's he doesn't see as well anymore which is hard for his hobby, woodcraft. He was surprised and excited to use it. Not just because the digital reader is much easier to see than a regular tape measure, but at the ease of automatic conversions and memory. I was happy to see his renewed interest in his much loved pastime.More > < Less


Easy read tape measure


This is an outstanding buy for any diy person. Makes reading a tape measure quick and easy has to memory buttons to save measurements for those with short term memory loss. Digital display is easy to read and the concept is great for those that are horrible with fractions.More > < Less

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eTape16 - Digital Tape Measure

About eTape16

Calculated Ease

Inventor Stephen Crane has spent 15 years on a mission: to make a better tape measure. eTape16 is his third iteration—an easy-to-use physical measuring tape with digital readouts and functions.

As you lengthen the measuring tape, the measurement displays on screen. Tap a button to save. Or convert measurements quickly (from fractions to decimals, or inches to centimeters, for example) and calculate midpoints (great for helping to hang a picture). And no need to bend the tape when measuring into a corner—just select the back of the device as the starting point.

This digital measuring tape simplifies projects with less lunging for paper and pencil and less math to mess up.