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By The Lettermate

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The Lettermate is an address stencil that keeps your writing straight and aligned, as well as letting you decorate your envelopes with hand-drawn designs.

  • Made in the USA: Hastings, MI
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Five die cut windows for straight, evenly spaced lines perfect for addressing envelopes
  • Translucent for accurate placement on your envelope
  • Fits a wide range of envelopes including square, A7, A6, and 4 Bar sizes
  • Features two die cut sizes for unique applications & advanced design styles. Use the sizes separately, or combine them for added visual interest
  • Ruler printed along bottom edge
  • Top 3 lines are smaller and are perfect for return addresses & postcards
  • Two bottom larger windows are great for accent words, oversized envelopes, or boxes
  • Small and large windows can also be used together. Variations in size and text styles can help add visual interest to designs
  • Envelope Addressing Guide
  • Dimensions: 4" x 5"
  • Weight: 0.03 lb.

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My best purchase.


I have been thrilled with these stencils. I can make my envelopes look presentable. I use them to write notes when I don't have lined paper. I think I write more legibly.More > < Less


My handwriting is lovely - my spacial ability? Not so much!


I have typically gorgeous Catholic school handwriting, so I have never worried my cards or letters will lack finesse, or be illegible, but - I can't seem to make the lines straight! I mean, all over the place. Who knows why? Now, I can make them both nice, and lined up. I also appreciated the little "booklet" about other things to add, like flourishes. Thanks!More > < Less


Card makers helper


I love to make cards to send to lovers ones and this little tool isn’t necessary but it definitely is helpful. The price is right too. Definitely recommend.More > < Less


Letter Addressing Sencil


I absolutely loved this item. It was actually purchased as a gift, and she loved it! It really was difficult not to keep this for myself! I am thinking of purchasing another just for me!More > < Less




This is absolutely perfect for a fun way to address envelopes

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Lettermate - Envelope Addressing Stencil

About The Lettermate

Fitting Pretty

Getting a handwritten letter in the mail is pretty significant in this digital age, and now there’s a clever way to beautify your envelopes.

The Lettermate makes it easy to hand address envelopes flawlessly and even add a decorative flair. Kimberly Wilson is a stationery designer in California; people came to her regularly needing a way to address invitations (and make them look pretty, too). So she came up with The Lettermate, a stencil that keeps writing straight and helps you get creative with your presentation.

Made in the USA, The Lettermate is constructed from durable, translucent plastic so you can see exactly where to place it. It also has guide markers to help space lettering and align it to the left or center. The markers and edges can even be used for creative designs and decorations.

Bring style and beauty to your letters, and wow your recipients, with The Lettermate.