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A cheerful, customizable binder you can arrange and rearrange to suit your needs. Add pages, remove pages, move whole sections, start at any month you like—as life changes, so can your planner. With pages for making lists and setting goals, you can plan on using it every day to keep yourself on track.

  • Made in the USA: Dallas, TX
  • Materials: Recycled binder, 24 lb. paper, elastic band
  • With a custom weekly format, you'll be able to track your menu planning, fitness, appointments, to-do's and more all in one place
  • Includes: 2-page spread of monthly calendars (Jan. to Dec.), special dates page, monthly goals, weekly planner pages, notes section
  • Add or take out pages as you please—3-hole binding allows for flexibility
  • Start at any time—swap pages around to begin with any month
  • Handmade with quality materials
  • Custom weekly planner pages for the entire year
  • Dimensions: Planner: 7.45" x 9.25" x 1.75", Page Size: 6.25" x 8.38"
  • Weight: 1.46 lbs.

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Finally a planner that works


This is what I've been looking for! Perfect for busy list makers with hectic schedules ;-) I've bought my second one I used the first one all of 2016 and I'm ready for 2017. Great product!More > < Less


Greatly Flexible!


The quality is great, pages were very useful as they allowed for me to use now or wait until a later date. I loved the graphics, just enough 'pop' to be fun, but I can still use it for work as well. I'll order again!More > < Less


Everyday planner


This is an awesome planner! Thanks!




As the owner and creator of this product, I want to first, thank everyone for their honest feedback. I've worked very hard to make this product great, yet I know it is not perfect and there is definitely room for improvement. I would love to give a quick update to many of the concerns that have been voiced.

As far as the binder goes, it is made of 100% recycled material, and while it is very sturdy, I know there are concerns of it not laying flat. However, as most products of this nature are, it does take a little time to get "broken in", but I assure you, as a person who has now used the same binder for two years in a row, it does become more flexible the more it's used. As far as the band, this is provided to help keep everything together while also adding more dimension to the product. Frankly, I think it's super cute to have a coordinating band to hold it all! Also, I purchased these binders because I love the contrasting look of the vibrant colors with the more edgy unfinished look on the inside. I understand not all people will like that look and that is great.

To address the issues with the tabs sticking out, I have found a great solution for the time being, and plan on readdressing the issue with my printer for the next run of tabs that I have done. Please feel free to contact me through the customer service page if you'd like to get a replacement set of tabs sent that do not slightly stick out of the binder, and are not bent. I also plan on hopefully providing laminated tabs in the future.

I've had multiple requests for refill pages, and while I do not have them for sale on the Grommet's site, I do have them available for purchase. Feel free to contact me through The Grommet's customer service page for more information!

Lastly, to address the pricing issues, I completely understand and have actually lowered the price permanently here on The Grommet! I also plan on adding different layouts to be available soon, including an academic layout, and a 4-day spread, to allow for more writing room.
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I purchased this as a birthday gift for my wife. She said it is vary good with keeping appointments

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EYC Studio - Custom Day Planner

About EYC Studio

Flex Time

Even in this electronic age, many people still like the ease and readability of a paper planner. The problem is, most planners start in January and have a fixed format.

EYC Studio personalized planners come in a unique binder format that lets you arrange and rearrange pages, move sections, remove parts you don’t need, and start with any month you like.

Founder Jill Garcia came up with the idea for Express Yourself! Creations Studio after years of making her own cards and journals. She wanted a different kind of planner, one that she could individualize to suit her needs. Starting in her tiny Dallas apartment, she launched her online business years ago. Today, all her planners are still Made in the USA.

Jill’s planners come in bright, quirky patterns that make them as cute as they are versatile. Add and take out any pages you like. Each planner comes with lined note sections, monthly goals pages, and more.

In creating something that worked for her, she came up with something everyone can individualize. We suspect that was her plan from the beginning.