Bracelet Fastening Device

By Fairy Fastener

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This jewelry clasp helper acts like an extension of your hand, holding the bracelet in place while you secure the clasp with your free hand. It’s a handy tool for those of us who want to wear jewelry without hassle, as well as anyone with mobility or dexterity issues.

  • Materials: High resin polycarbonate, steel
  • Care: Wipe with cloth
  • How to use: Attach clip to open loop end of your bracelet and hold firmly in place against wrist. Use free hand to bring bracelet around wrist and attach clasp and loop ends together. To unfasten, use new designed end by placing slot on clasp
  • Fastens and unfastens snap barrel clasps and traditional clasps
  • Great for those with arthritis or mobility/dexterity issues
  • Rubber lined closure grip protects against jewelry scratching
  • Made with durable steel spring to retain tension and grip
  • Holds all thin and thick chain types
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • For left- or right-handed use
  • Crystal embellishment
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 1" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.13 lb.

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3/17/2019 by Nadine

I can now where my bracelets with this gadget which I had stopped doing because it was to much trouble and time consuming to try to do myself and since my husbands fingers are much larger it was difficult for him to do for me. Product is so simple but makes task so easyMore > < Less


great idea

2/26/2019 by nancy

I don't have to bother my husband now



2/14/2019 by Debra

I would not be able to wear my bracelets without this amazing aid. It's brilliant!


Bob's your uncle!

2/3/2019 by Edith

All my life I have forsworn wearing bracelets....not because they can get in one's way....but because I can't get the danged things fastened. Finally, those days are over. With this amazing little fastening device and a little practice, I now can wear all those pretty bracelets which have been impossible to attach without an additional pair of hands...and I live alone. So you get the picture. It's so easy now...just try it and you, too, will see: Bob's really your uncle!More > < Less


love love love it

1/29/2019 by cynthia

talk about making life easier. this is a wonderful tool for getting on those lovely bracelets

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Put a bracelet on yourself—without swearing.

About Fairy Fastener

Bracelet Yourself

Triplets Terri, Rhonda, and Lou put their identical problem-solving heads together to solve an everyday issue—how to put on necklaces and bracelets all by yourself.

These entrepreneurial ladies call themselves the Fairies—and their jewelry clasp helpers Fairy Fasteners. The Bracelet Fairy acts like an extension of your hand as it holds the bracelet firmly in place so you can secure the clasp with your free hand. Its ergonomic shape is weighted and fits comfortably in your palm.
The Necklace Fairy is just as helpful. Clip it onto your necklace, and now the heart-shaped fastener acts like a magnetic clasp that is much easier to open and close. Internal pins help keep it shut, but it re-opens with a twist.

Thanks to the fairies—and their tools—putting on your favorite jewelry is as easy as waving a wand.