Secure Fastening System

By LoopRope

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Safely secures things in many situations: Camping, boating, home, and outside uses. No more tying knots or worrying about personal safety.

  • Materials: 0.25" heavy duty cord with polypropylene covering
  • Cords are designed with loops for easy fastening
  • Never tangles, safer than bungee cords, adjustable
  • Use 2 or more together to create a cargo net-like coverall
  • Sets include:
  • 3 ft. LoopRope: 6 loops, 2 stainless steel S-clips
  • 5 ft. LoopRope: 10 loops, 2 stainless steel S-clips
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 11" x 6" x 2"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

23 Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great Bungee type system


My husband liked this so much last year I got him two more this year. All the Boy Scout leaders love it.


Perfect Father's Day gift!


I got this for my outdoorsy, camping, handy husband. He keeps finding new ways to use it. It's durable and well-made too.


Awesome tie down.


This is my second one and I love how you can adjust tension or length just by choosing a different loop. Genius!




only your creativity is the limit




All four men that received this wonderful invention at Christmas Loved it !!! They will probably add more to them!! Thank you Grommet for supporting American made products!!More > < Less

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LoopRope - Secure, Fast & Easy

About LoopRope

Totally Tied Down

It’s hard to decide what’s the worst part of using conventional rope to tie down stuff. The tangled lines are a pain, but even more troublesome is crafting the proper knot. You never know for sure if a knot is going to hold—until you can’t untie it. Bungee cords are equally frustrating and more dangerous for their tendency to detach and snap back at your face.

Jeff Dahl wanted something better, so he started tinkering with ropes, cords and knots until he worked the kinks out of his idea and created a new kind of multipurpose fastener: the LoopRope. Each length of rope has built-in loops. When you’re tying something down, you can choose the loop that creates the right amount of tension and connect it with a steel S-clip to your point of contact. There are no knots to tie, and you can use the remaining loops to tie off additional items or to create extra fastening points for added strength. Combine multiple LoopRopes together and you can create a cargo net, too. For boaters, the similarly engineered BuoyRope makes it easy to tie a boat to the dock and drop a bumper with just the right amount of slack.

The adjustability and versatility of LoopRope make it easy to use in all kinds of settings—camping, packing the car, boating, home improvement and more. You won’t miss the old ways of tying down your stuff.