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Handy Tools

For all your DIY or maintenance tasks around the house, garage, or yard, find handy tools for yourself and gadget gifts for all the fix-it folks on your list. These innovative products will help get the job done.


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Kickback-Free Staple Gun
by TriggerFire
Push & Hang Picture Hanging Tool
by Hangman Products
EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum
by EyeVac
Instant Drain Opener
by One Second Plumber
LED Portable Motion Sensor Light
by Lumenology
2 Starter Kits + 1 Extra Refill
by Bondic
Collapsible Dolly
by Dozop
Brisket & Meat Trimmer
by Qwick Trim
Ratchet Pruner
by Ironwood Tools
Pro Picture Hanging System
by Go Hang It!
180 Degree Flashlight
by TripleLite
Fuel Transfer Pump
by TeraPump
The Trucker's Friend
by Innovation Factory
Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter - 2 Pack
by Little ELF
Moldable Rubber Mini Packs
by sugru
Liquid Plastic Welder Starter Kit
by Bondic
Universal Cup Holder Phone Mount
Pro Tech Toolkit
by iFixit
Geekey Keychain Multi-Tool
by Carve Design
Tape Measuring Tool
by Matey Measure™
Plastic Package Opener
by Slitit
Garden Edger
by Kwik Edge
Drop-In Christmas Tree Stand
by Eazy Treezy
Digital Tape Measure
by eTape16
Drain Hair Catcher
by TubShroom
Neoprene & Mesh Reusable Dust Mask
by RZ Mask
3-in-1 Shovel & Rake Sifter
by Golden Gark
Windshield Ice Scraper
by Scrape-A-Round
no reviews yet
Essential Electronics Toolkit
by iFixit
Faucet T-Handle Attachment
by Faucet Grip™
J-Hook Anchoring Strap
by Jeri-Rigg
Magnetic Nail Holder
by Safety Nailer
PocketMonkey Multi-Tool - 2 Pack
by Zootility
Leaf Hauler Reinforced Clean-Up Tarp
by EZ Lawn and Garden
Anti-Clog Sink Strainer - 2-Pack
by Dripsie™
Finger Protecting Gardening Gloves
by Dig It Apparel
Tight Space Paint Brush
by Paint Behind
Drywall Repair Kit
by QuickFill
no reviews yet
Extended Key Organizer
by KeySmart
Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Strap
by Quickloader
Careful Key Antimicrobial Door Opener
by Zootility
Drain Cleaner Starter Kit & Refills
by Drain Weasel
Scrubbing Brush For Drill
by Drill Brushes
Ladder Stabilizer
by Ladder Lockdown
Magnet Driver™ Nail Holder
by Micaton
Ergonomic Pointed Garden Spade
by Spear Head Spade
Hori Hori Ultimate Tool with Sheath
by Barebones Living
Tape Cutter Value 3-Pack
by Tadpole