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Back to School for Kids

Are you ready to send the kids back to school? Backpack? Check. Notebooks? Check. But, does your kid have handy reusable silicone bags to hold their snacks or magnetic shoe closures to make sure their shoes are always tied? Get your kids excited for school with these unique and helpful products you’ve never seen.

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Coordination Game - Original
by TrueBalance
Flexible Roll-Up Piano
by Rock And Roll It
Numerical Tile Game
by Möbi
Sliding Hair Tie - Crystals
by Pulleez
Homestar Planetarium
by Sega Toys
Sliding Hair Tie - Metals
by Pulleez
Coordination Game - Travel
by TrueBalance
15 ft Fold-Out Coloring Book
by The Longest Coloring Book
Silicone Half Gallon Bag
by stasher
Light-up Building Blocks
by Light Stax
Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags-Set of 4
by EcoLifeMate
Coordination Game - Pro
by TrueBalance
Coordination Game - Mini
by TrueBalance
Silicone Pocket Bags - 2 Pack
by stasher
Eco-Friendly Sandwich Wrap
by Buzzee Wraps
Silicone Storage Bag
by stasher
3D Building Puzzle Toy
Eco-Friendly Food Wrap - Multipack
by Buzzee Wraps
Smartphone Enabled Kids' Camera
by Pixlplay
Really Big Coloring Poster
by Pirasta
English Muffin Splitter
by Sirius Chef
Creativity Set
by ZoLO
Elastic Lacing System
Kids Automatic Mouthpiece Toothbrush
by AutoBrush
no reviews yet
Electronic Dictionary Bookmark
by IF
Mini Reusable Adhesive Cold Pack - 2 Pack Assorted
Kids DIY Soft Cube Custom Journal Kit
no reviews yet
Sliding Hair Tie - Sporteez
by Pulleez
Coordination Game - Junior Rainbow
by TrueBalance
no reviews yet
Xyloba Piccolino
by Xyloba
Kid's No Tie Shoelaces
by Laceez
Stellö Color-Matching Tile Game
by Möbi
Silicone Snack Bags
by stasher
Kids' Educational DIY Computer Kit
by Piper
Magnetic Construction Story Set
no reviews yet
5-in-a-Row Strategy Game
by Newton
Reclaimed Metal Home State Night Light
by Whimsies
Matching Strategy Game
by Q-BA-MAZE 2.0
Neoprene Mobile Wristlet
by Slick Lizard Design
Flexible Roll-Up Drum Kit
by Rock And Roll It
Reclaimed Metal Animal Night Light
by Whimsies
Kid's Knee High Character Socks
by MooshWalks
ElectroLight Backpack
by Lewis N. Clark
Reusable Adhesive Cold Pack
Magnet Building Block Set
Solar Powered Light
by Little Sun
Creativity Sculpture
by ZoLO
no reviews yet
Coordination Game - Glow in the Dark
by TrueBalance